How well are your senior team and your own manager responding to the COVID-19 pandemic?

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We invite you to take our anonymised survey on how well senior teams and how managers are currently responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Prepared in collaboration with business consultancy Marble Brook we’ll publish the results on the site after the survey has closed.

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You will be able to answer the questions if:

(a) you are employed in an organisation

(b) have a manager

(c) have been working during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Marble Brook will make the anonymised findings available for public use and to support the people who run and work in organisations. Respondents, of course, may also request a copy of our findings report.

This survey is a subset of a larger instrument that Marble Brook are offering to public companies in the UK. Where possible, they host the survey, run initial analysis, and offer a feedback session by video – at no charge.

If you know any executives in your network who might like to learn about how employees are experiencing their leadership efforts at this crucial time, please e-mail Marble Brook here.

Click the button below to take the survey to begin. It takes no more than 5 minutes to complete. If you don’t work in an organisation with a manager you can still receive a copy of the findings by making a request here.

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