How You Can Promote Employee Wellbeing In Your Workplace.

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Wellness is a top priority for several businesses worldwide for many good reasons. Several employees are physically and mentally strained at work, resulting in significant stress.

According to a 2019 Qualtrics survey, a whopping 90% of UK workers say they’re stressed at work most of the time. Therefore, it’s essential to promote employee well-being to ensure that your workers can function effectively. If you want to know more about promoting workers’ well-being in your office, please consider the points below.

Get the right ergonomics

Your office’s ergonomics significantly impact how comfortable workers are while at work. As such, investing in quality and ergonomically friendly equipment and workstations is vital to their wellness. If your employees sit behind desks for hours at a time, having comfortable chairs with the correct height and ergonomic keyboards will ensure that they can maintain good postures that don’t affect their wellness.

Also, perfectly placed telephones and monitors are essential to prevent unnecessary neck and wrist strains, so keep this in mind. If your employees work with industry-specific equipment, investing in unique, ergonomic versions of that equipment effectively ensure wellness. For example, learning how to combat RSI is essential if you manage a dental clinic, and you can invest in ergonomic saddle seats and mouth mirrors that reduce strains on your dentists.

Let more of nature in

Multiple studies have proved that natural light in workplaces can significantly boost energy levels, moods, and productivity. Also, employees exposed to natural light generally sleep better and feel healthier and more revitalized. Therefore, invest in office remodelling to allow more natural light into the workspace, or consider a move if necessary. Growing plants within your workplace is another excellent way to let nature in and promote wellness.

According to scientists, plants within the workplace offer our brains some external stimuli to focus on, making us unconsciously more relaxed. Workplace plants also mitigate stress-related conditions like hostility, fatigue, depression, and anxiety. Finally, plants improve workplace air quality and boost creativity, so having plants around the office is undoubtedly worth considering to promote employee wellness.

Encourage a proper work-life balance

Future Place’s research indicates that 93% of millennials and Gen Zers feel they lack the right work-life balance. This statistic is very worrying, given how essential work-life balance is to ensuring employee wellness. Repeated research has proven that employees who work outrageous and unsociable hours are likelier to be more unhappy and stressed while lacking productivity and energy. These workers are also more likely to burn out faster, so it’s essential to promote a proper work-life balance around the office. 

Allowing flexible workdays or hours is one effective method of enhancing work-life balance worth considering. Flexible work arrangements allow employees to enjoy life outside work, such as attending their children’s soccer games and having time for dates. Increasing your company’s support for employees who are parents, encouraging breaks, and prioritizing productivity over hours worked are additional strategies worth knowing to help workers achieve work-life balance.

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