January 15th: Soho Business Breakfast with author and entrepreneur, Chris Ward.

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Come and join us over a light breakfast at luxury private members club The Court, 9 Kingly Street, Soho, London and hear from author Chris Ward, discuss his new book “Less Perfect, More Happy”.

Perfectionists feel a severe need to impose their own high standards on their environment, obsess, at the expense of their relationships, are unable to delegate, find it hard to express feelings, are always distracted, have difficulty forming and maintaining relationships and often appear righteous and angry.

They often have no idea that there’s anything wrong with the way they think or behave – their way is correct and it’s everyone else who is the problem.

Never-ending pressures from social media, advertising and schooling exacerbate millions of children’s anxieties that nothing they do is good enough and adult’s obsession with proving themselves worthy. 

The almost perfect book about the impossibility of perfection.

– Richard Curtis CBE.

The talk is for anyone who ever wishes they (their colleague, teammate, partner, child) could just stop trying to prove themselves to everyone and just be themselves.

Chris’s inspiring talks unearth what perfectionism really is, using real-life experiences from himself and well-known people who’ve struggled with their pursuit of perfection including Bradley Wiggins, Davina McCall, Steve Jobs, Brené Brown and Brian Wilson, so anyone can address its causes and begin to overcome mental health & food issues, workaholism, relationship conflict, and obsessional behaviour.

They can start to build stronger relationships and a happier, more contented life today and stop believing that can only happen through achievement.

The roadmap to a happier, clamer life for anyone who’s ever felt they are not good enough.

– Trevor Gray, Performance Psycologist.

Chris was a perfectionist. Trapped by a lifelong obsession to achieve perfection in pursuit of validation, it cost him his relationships and his mental health. Hitting rock bottom, he went on a journey to understand the causes of perfectionism and how to overcome it. The answers were life-changing: perfectionists have completely misunderstood self-destructive mindsets and behaviours.

 But it can be overcome. This book and talk explain how.

Chris Ward, author and ex-perfectionist.

Attendees will leave understanding perfectionism, how they can overcome it and how to forge better home and working relationships with the perfectionists in their life.

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