JP Hamilton: Why Good Business is Personal.

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About this Talk.

JP Hamilton, Head of Social Investment, Virgin Media, outlines why good business is personal and talks about Virgin Pioneers, a community of young entrepreneurs that provides inspiration, support, and opportunities, by leveraging the digital strength of the company.

As someone who has always been part of big brands and big business (over 11 years working at PepsiCo and Virgin Media), JP is now engaged in helping the very smallest businesses prosper through the Virgin Media Pioneers programme.

Leveraging his varied background, from first selling Walkers crisps to the lowly corner shop through to shipping over 10 million packs a week to Sainsbury’s, through to his commercial & pricing experience of managing Virgin Media’s portfolio of promotional offers, JP now wants to challenge big business to leverage its power to make a difference for the little guy and truly believes that what you do matters.

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