July 12th: A Breakfast Spent In The Almost Now with Dan Simmons

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Come and Meet Dan Simmons, Founder – Propelia

Join us with Dan Simmons, Founder – Propelia, the UK’s Thought Leader Accelerator that has just launched ‘airspace‘ as the first dedicated environment designed to enable clients to step into and explore the Almost Now and in doing so find a new way to engage, navigate and re-frame disruption.

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About the Talk.

Disruption is everywhere. It’s the lens through which innovation and change are now predominantly viewed and yet as a term and framework it is not that useful for anyone practically engaged day-to-day in future-facing work. The reason for this is that the Disrupted Present is just that, It is hard to understand, decipher and discern because it is too immediate, too noisy and too agendered. Equally the Uncertain Future now contains too many evolving variants and variables to be talked about and engaged in with any sense of authority that doesn’t rely on a large hopeful degree of conjecture.

What’s needed is to step into a new space – the Almost Now. The Almost Now is that edge of the future we can sense. It is your tomorrow today. And as a conceptual and creative space, it can be much more potent and yielding than the Disrupted Present and the Uncertain Future. Indeed it is something you can find a door into that is yours define and own.

Our Venue

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The Like Minds Business Breakfasts are held at the stunning Luxury Business Members Club 12 Hay Hill in London’s Mayfair. If you are interested in membership please ask for a tour of the club after the event. 12 Hay Hill is becoming the luxury business venue for established London-based entrepreneurs and emerging international figures.

Our Format

The format is informal networking over a breakfast of tea, coffee and pastries, before a brief talk followed by a Q&A session.

A short interview with each speaker will be shot and the event will be blogged and posted in the Articles section of the site by the end of the week.

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Please note you must book for each breakfast – at £25.00 (+ VAT) tickets are limited to 75 people due to the size of venue.

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