July 7th: Mel Ross on “How to unlock who you are as a leader”

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Come and hear from Leadership Mindshift expert Mel Ross on nurturing the leadership mental model for sustainable success using 7 adaptive mindset areas.

In this talk Mel will take you deep into the thinking world of a modern leader and entrepreneur – to unlock mind shifts that will not only help you stay focussed on thriving instead of surviving – but also ignite a groundswell of support and alignment around you, whether that’s a team, a department or your entire organisation.

You will learn:

• The 7 Mindshifts for modern leadership and business

• How you can start to apply these Mindshifts to your own leadership and business immediately

• Learn the skills and competencies that these mindset shifts unlock for further success

• Learn how important it is to be aligned mind, body, spirit, and work!

• Be introduced to The Dilyn Way method

Mel is a speaker and advisor to leaders all over the world across government and the private sector. Working with CEOs, entrepreneurs, politicians Mel has used The Dilyn Way to help unlock potential and achieve sometimes heady ambitions.

Mel is a mentor and coach working with leaders to become credible disruptors – pushing boundaries of change and modernity in existing systems or taking the seed of an idea into something purposeful, fulfilling, and successful. The key is recognising the first boundary you need to push is YOU.

Mel also uses this method to help leaders from across government and industry embrace a more adaptive and values-driven leadership profile: Australian Government, Mercedes Benz, The Royal Household, Danone, Bank of Indonesia, Oxford University Press.

Mel is passionate about helping everyone unlock their true leadership potential in whatever they choose, to create a life that’s thriving in all areas and create a multiplier effect to bring others along the journey with them. Mel mentors and works with female entrepreneurs and tech leaders and is currently a United Nations mentor for female entrepreneurs across Europe and Central Asia.

Mel is currently writing her first book taking a deep dive into one of the 7 mindsets: The Little Book of Data Mindfulness.

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