June 12th: Mayfair Business Breakfast with Youthentic Media.

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Come and Meet Mike Williams & Olly McDermott, founders of Youthentic Media.

During this business breakfast Mike and Olly will teach you how to deliver your message authentically and with meaning – on video and in person.

Mike Williams started his creative career as a teenager working in recording studios then moved into post-production, TV, and advertising. After several years working in media sales and marketing, he studied psychology and philosophy and opened a hypnotherapy clinic. He then took a Masters in Osteopathy the principles of which he integrated into his now coaching practice. For the last few years, Mike has also been creating video content to promote his own business, which has led to him helping others to promote theirs.

Olly McDermott’s career in educational marketing spans 25 years. He is an experienced graphic designer, web developer, and branding expert. An accomplished photo-shoot art director, he has now expanded his creative skill-set to include videography and film production. His attention to detail, high standards, and a friendly approach ensures positive outcomes and has fostered trust and a strong reputation.

About the talk

This talk is for Senior Leaders, Executives and Business Professionals who want to build relationships and communicate in a meaningful and authentic way whilst maintaining professional integrity.

You’ll discover the skills you need to be comfortable and present well on camera, which could potentially impact the way you approach all communication.

We will cover:

Understanding human connection and ‘flow’
The Hero’s Journey — an introduction to storytelling
What makes a meaningful message and how to harness human connection
How to get comfortable with being uncomfortable (getting comfortable in front of the camera)

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Additional Information:

There was a time when those in positions of power, leadership, and influence would be expected to present themselves as polished, word-perfect and immaculate. They would demonstrate strength, authority and executive presence by maintaining a facade of composure with only scripted displays of emotion if any at all.

Those days are well and truly over.

In this new digital age and climate of transparency, where people share more about themselves with the world than ever before and where ‘share your story’ has become a cultural mantra, there is a growing insistence that authenticity be commonplace not only online and socially, but professionally. People crave human connection and intuitively know when they’re communicating with a crafted or guarded persona. Trust and respect are no longer demanded, but earned by blending openness, empathy and human connection with leadership and inspiration.

Human connection fosters trust and goodwill and has a rejuvenating quality, which positively impacts our wellbeing and the meaning of our experience. Once established this invisible connection allows us to penetrate the ‘would be’ barriers of others and acts as a conduit for information exchange. It focuses our attention on that which we share; essentially our humanness. This process dissolves our perceived divisions and illusions of separateness as well as opening the way for diversity to bask in a much more positive light.

Our Venue.

The Like Minds Business Breakfasts are held at the stunning Luxury Business Members Club 12 Hay Hill in London’s Mayfair. If you are interested in membership please ask for a tour of the club after the event. 12 Hay Hill is becoming the luxury business venue for established London-based entrepreneurs and emerging international figures.

Our Format

The format is informal networking over a breakfast of tea, coffee and pastries, before a brief talk followed by a Q&A session.

A short interview with each speaker will be shot and the event will be blogged and posted in the Articles section of the site by the end of the week.

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Book Tickets.

Please note you must book for each breakfast – at £25.00 or £40.00 which includes a copy of the book (+ VAT) and booking fee.

Tickets are limited to 50 people. Please bring your tablets, smartphones and your laptops. We actively encourage Tweeting – please use the #LikeMinds hashtag and follow @wearelikeminds

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