Key Cabinets & Business Security – What You Need To Know.

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While a lot of talk these days focuses on remote working and digital workplaces, the physical workplace will always exist in some form or another. From warehouses to cafes, some things just can’t be put in the cloud.

As a result, businesses need to continue considering how they can ensure the security of their premises. Locks and keys are obviously a tried and tested solution, but how do you control access to those keys? Here, we discuss the benefits of key cabinets and how they can enhance the security of your business.

What is a key cabinet?

A key cabinet is one of the simplest and most effective ways of implementing a key management solution in your business. Essentially, it consists of a lockable box that’s designed to store the various keys necessary to access individual locations in your business.

That might be the key to a local storage unit, or to machinery and equipment such as company cars or forklifts. Each key will typically have its own labeled hook so that it’s easy to identify and easy to spot if a key is missing.

How do key cabinets enhance business security?

Without a way of controlling and tracking who has access to keys, it’s virtually impossible to ensure the security of a business. Here are some of the main ways that key cabinets can help.

Track access

If you have a high-turnover rate, people who are no longer employed at your business could still be able to access sensitive information or valuable stock. A key cabinet allows you to see what keys are currently in the hands of employees – when combined with something like a logbook, you can also track who it is that has access to those keys.


If you have a lot of keys that are essential to the running of your business, it’s simply not effective to throw them in a basket and hope for the best. You need to be able to organise them so that when they’re needed, you can identify and grab them in seconds – key cabinets are a great way of enabling this level of organisation.

Manage access

It’s likely that not all of your keys will be equally crucial to the security of your business. If you have certain keys that shouldn’t be accessible by all your employees, you can have them locked in separate cabinets to manage access. 

This ensures that employees can always access the non-sensitive areas that they need access to, but that management can ensure that only the appropriate individuals have access to more sensitive locations.

As you can see, key cabinets play a central role in an overall approach to business security. If you don’t already have an effective key cabinet solution in place, it’s definitely worth reaching out to the key management experts at KEYper Systems for a consultation on potential solutions that might fit your business’s needs.

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