Keynote: Aji Issac Mathew – Co-founder Indus Net TechShu.

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Aji is Co-founder & CEO of INT TechShu, a 750+ digital team, one of the largest teams in digital marketing space and a Google Premier Partner. Indus Net & Indus Net TechShu have clientele from small to large scale industries including HP, Uber, Tesco, Unilever, Ageas to 100s of SMEs.

Digital Marketing has made marketing scalable, TechSchu provide affordable but very high quality digital marketing services and teams through a structural approach.

With 15 years experience of high end digital success, Aji’s also a senior member of, Moz, and an author at He is a pure Mar-Tech / Creative blend with hands-on experience across all channels.

He is also a weekend academician training at, to name a few. Aji is also chief mentor to and soon to launch The goal is to own every alphabet of one day!

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