Keynote: Dupsy Abiola, Founder & CEO, Intern Avenue.

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Dupsy Abiola, Founder & CEO, Intern Avenue.

Dupsy is a formerly employed barrister turned entrepreneur, who is passionate about people, business, education, and technology. She graduated from Oxford University and is the recipient of various professional and academic awards. She has worked on matters ranging from multi-million-pound complex technical disputes to, most recently, setting up a disruptive online recruitment business called Intern Avenue now acquired by Bright Network.

Her goal is to inject innovation into the much-needed area of early-stage talent management; creating a reliable ecosystem for feeding high-quality talent into organisations in a cost-efficient manner which supports team fit, growth, and productivity. She is now an Internship Expert, who has been featured in the Financial Times and on Channel Four as well as being tipped as one of the top young European CEOs to watch.

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