Keynote: Jennifer Arcuri, Like Minds Bristol 2016

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 Jennifer co founder of  Hacker House™ the official cyber campus of cyber skills and security innovation.  Launched at the top of 2016, the team of Hacker House™ has opened a secure location outside Manchester and Shoreditch in East London. Hacker House™ operates as a commercial and social force to champion ethical hacking standards. Hacker House™ is set to launch a series of security products by the end of 2016 – including a set of cyber badges to be accredited for schools in educating kids in ethics around hacking in cyber hygiene. 

Jennifer is an advisor to Hackers and Founders in Silicon Valley, and Founders for Schools across the UK. In June 2015, Jennifer also launched the  Cyber Security group, Cyber TLA,  as part of Tech London Advocates Group, and is now a certified ethical hacker herself. Jennifer is also  founder of PinkSheet Database, the official database of professional women. 

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