Keynote: Sacha Romanovitch, Like Minds Bristol 2016

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Led by her deep interest in the role of leadership in dynamic organisations and how a strong coaching culture releases potential and generates growth. Sacha’s goal is to work to shape a vibrant economy where all can flourish – through who Grant Thornton work with, the work they do, what they speak out on and how they are as a business.

Prior to this she was a member of the firm’s National Leadership Board with specific responsibility for People and Culture. With more than 4,500 people in the UK, she seeks to create an environment with space for their people to do their best thinking and bring valuable insights to help their clients grow. Sacha also led their Advisory practice within London.

She’s lucky to work with colleagues who bring a great richness of experience and collaborate together to create value for clients – from unravelling frauds, helping businesses get back on track when things have gone wrong through to helping them achieve their growth ambitions.

Beyond her UK role, she works with colleagues from around the world, ensuring that their approach to leadership, management and development is seamless across the Grant Thornton network of firms – giving a consistent and exceptional experience for their clients and their people everywhere.

In her client-facing time, she’s a member of their Leadership & Culture practice and, while she’s no longer a practicing auditor, she enjoy working with selected clients maintaining relationships and offering an objective view on their businesses and strategies.

Her passion is enabling others to meet their potential. This has led her to become a qualified coach; to champion the firm’s ground-breaking apprentice programme; and to challenge the norm on views regarding diversity, asking if quotas are a better solution than re-examining the working environment.