Kim Arazi: Sensing the Future.

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Kim Arazi: Sensing the Future.

Kim is a true multi-passionate entrepreneur, she’s at once an innovation consultant, sensory experience designer, event producer, coach, advisor, curator, storyteller, creative futurist & speaker – the common thread being her focus on human connection and the human side of tech innovation & business.

Through her company, Innosensi, she creates multisensory experiences, often centering around a meal, to help us become more conscious & connected humans. These curated experiences are designed to help people tap into their senses to connect, and for business leaders, to spark creativity & innovation and practice the human skills needed to thrive in the future (she calls this ‘Sensing the Future’).

The underlying purpose is always to engage our senses to challenge perceptions & encourage deeper human connection & understanding of ourselves and the other. She’s the Innovation Advisor for Metaspeech – a communications coaching startup that helps business leaders/startup founders learn to embody confidence by harnessing their body’s intelligence. She also facilitates peer-collaboration sessions for startup CEOs.

With over 12 years of experience in the tech industry, working across strategy, product, business development marketing, and events, she’s created numerous international conferences, CEO Summits, workshops, and awards to facilitate connections between the startup (disruptors) and corporate worlds.

Some of the brands that partnered on her events include Samsung, Mozilla, Red Bull, Vodafone, Universal Music, American Express & Barclays. From 2014-16, she ran a social enterprise – WOW Talks – that focused on career fulfillment, inspiring young people to find their purpose & create a life doing what they love.

This was done through curated talks, workshops & events (with audiences from 30-800 people). She’s very passionate about the importance of diversity & inclusion and getting more women into tech and leadership positions and give talks on this subject at various events around the globe.

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