Know Your Audience.

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Why can old friends insult each other in ways you’d never dream of doing with someone you only just met? The secret lies in the power of people knowing and understanding each other.

Right in the very guts of successful social media content lies a profound understanding of your audience. Welcome to the world of “Know Your Audience” – where demographics, interests, and online behaviour pave the path to engagement and conversion.

Unveiling the Demographics

The foundation of understanding your audience begins with demographics. Who are they? Where are they located? What age group do they belong to? Delving into these questions provides invaluable insights into tailoring your content to resonate with your audience. Add into the mix: Who do you ACTUALLY want to work with? This is so relevant for B2B businesses in particular, who will be engaging potentially on a human level too, and ultimately you want to work with people you get on with!

Thinking it through, if your target demographic comprises millennials, incorporating trending topics, memes, and pop culture references might pique their interest. On the other hand, if your audience skews towards professionals in a corporate setting, delivering informative and industry-specific content could be more effective.

Behind it all must be complete authenticity though – you really do not have to film yourself dancing in the mirror to reach young people on TikTok! And don’t be tempted to “Learn LinkedIn-Ese”: the cheesy and self-congratulatory language used by CEOs and the like on that platform to make themselves look great. Just be natural.

Delving into Interests

Once you’ve grasped the demographics, the next layer to explore is your audience’s interests. What are their passions? What content do they actively seek out? Understanding these aspects allows you to align your content with their preferences, increasing the likelihood of engagement.

If your audience is passionate about sustainability, incorporating eco-friendly initiatives and practices into your content can strike a chord with them. Similarly, if they’re avid travellers, sharing captivating travel tales or tips can captivate their attention and foster a deeper connection with your brand.

Deciphering Online Behavior

Every click, like, and share leaves behind breadcrumbs of valuable data – insights into your audience’s online behaviour. Analysing this data unveils patterns, revealing when your audience is most active, which platforms they prefer, and how they interact with content. It’s hard and takes time, but once you get into it, I find it fascinating! Unleash that inner Maths-Geek (if you have one) and dig deep.

By understanding when your audience is most active, you can strategically time your content to maximise visibility and engagement. Moreover, tailoring your content format and style to suit the preferences of each platform ensures that your message resonates effectively across different channels.

Timing of posts is less relevant these days due to the algorithm taking over what content is seen, more than the original chronological format, but it does still play a role.

Crafting Compelling Content

Armed with a comprehensive understanding of your audience, it’s time to wield your newfound knowledge to craft compelling content. Every post, article, or story should serve a purpose – to educate, entertain, inspire, or evoke emotion, or even more powerfully, show who you are and why you are the best USP in your business.

Personalisation is key. Speak directly to your audience, addressing their pain points, aspirations, or interests. Incorporate storytelling to create narratives that captivate and resonate on a deeper level. Moreover, don’t shy away from experimentation. Embrace creativity, test different formats, and refine your approach based on real-time feedback.

Remember, understanding your audience is not a one-time endeavour but an ongoing journey of exploration and adaptation. Stay curious, stay empathetic, and let your audience guide you on the path to social media content mastery. Oh, and like I said last time, post pictures of your dog…

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