Making A Successful Move To A Smaller Office.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every type of business in one way or another. With employees working from home, and changes to business priorities and demands, your business’s current situation could be very different from how it was a year ago.

Many businesses have opted to move to a smaller office, both for financial and practical reasons. But if you’re used to having a large office space, downsizing can be an adjustment. There are a number of issues to consider and Surrey Moving Services is one of the specialists in this field.

Take a look at some of the following tips to help you enjoy a successful move to a smaller office.

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Assess your needs carefully

If you’re going to decide to move to smaller office space, you need to think about your needs carefully. How many people will be in the office at once? Could you cope with social distancing? Do you need kitchen facilities? There are different solutions that could work for your business, including shared office spaces and enterprise hubs. See what’s out there and look at spaces that tick all the boxes for your business.

Make flexible working the new normal

Many businesses have embraced flexible working for the first time, and the results have surprised both businesses and employees. It seems that working from home and flexible hours will become the new normal – could it work for your business too? Having some of your team based in the office and some at home (with the option to flex between the two), will make it easier to adopt a smaller office space. Consult your employees about their desired work patterns, it could make a big difference to the future of your workplace.

Make the most of storage spaces

If your business tends to have a lot of stock or other items that aren’t being used right now, then storage solutions could enable you to take on smaller office space. With a large new facility opening in March, you could take your pick of storage spaces to help your business save money on its office costs. Even if it’s just a temporary solution, storage units are an affordable alternative to a larger office space.

Take advantage of what’s around you

Smaller office space will give you more opportunities to get out and make the most of what’s around you. Meetings can be held off-site in different locations, and you can support local businesses by using nearby cafés, business centres, and event spaces. Having this freedom gives you a greater variety, keeping creativity fresh and helping your business explore new things.

Smaller office space can be a great thing for your business. It can be a way of tightening your belt without making tough compromises, and it could help your business be less wasteful too. Use this time to make sensible decisions for your business to move to an office that’s reflective of your current situation, and one that will help you thrive in the future too.

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