March 3rd: John Stapleton on “Turning Uncertainty Into Competitive Advantage”

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John Stapleton, Founder at The New Covent Garden Soup Co.

Our Guest on Episode 30 of Business Breakfast TV is John Stapleton, entrepreneur, speaker, investor, and business adviser.

John Stapleton has co-founded three businesses: The New Covent Garden Soup Co Ltd (sold 1998); Glencoe Foods Inc, and Little Dish (sold 2017). John now actively manages an investor/NED portfolio providing business-growth advice/ mentoring to key business decision-makers.

John speaks on a range of entrepreneurial/ intrapreneurial & motivational leadership topics. He uses his experience creating & growing businesses to understand the challenges that face us all, particularly in uncertain times, and how we can overcome them.

Through story-telling and the use of numerous lessons, anecdotes, and experiences from 35 years of creating, growing, and exiting his own businesses and advising many others, John explains to audiences how to turn uncertainty into a competitive advantage by:

• Embracing Adversity; 

• Learning from and overcoming failure; 

• Having the courage of your convictions; 

• Leveraging your personality and realising the power of authenticity;

These themes are of keen interest to entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs alike. Anyone who has achieved anything worthwhile will have encountered adversity, challenge, and setback, whether in a start-up environment, in an established corporate business, or at any stage in between.

John’s experience and insight in dealing with these realities, both on a personal and a business level – and making many mistakes along the way – resonates with audiences and motivates individuals to take action to deal with their own adversity, challenges, and setbacks. 

Uncertainty surrounds us all – possibly never more than at present. Uncertainty about how our product or service will be received by our target audience; uncertainty about our business future given factors seemingly outside our control; or uncertainty about our own personal ability to overcome obstacles and build a successful business, department, or project team.

There are no magic bullets but there are some fundamental truths that John has learned – through both success and failure – and his keynote presents these in a meaningful, understandable, and relatable way for any business person to make their own. 

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