Is Investing in a Masters Degree Worth It?

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Despite the rising costs of education and a cost of living that makes life exceptionally difficult for many students, more people than ever before are going to university, or pursuing another form of higher education.

Some, do so because they’ve got a dream to follow. There’s always been something that they have wanted to be, and they know exactly what qualifications and education they need to get them there. Others, stay on to higher education not to follow a specific path but to give themselves options in the future.

Having a degree can be a powerful thing when it comes to looking for work, even if it’s in an unrelated field. Of course, there’s no denying that some students stay on simply for the lifestyle, or to fulfill a love of learning. Not everyone has a plan at 18, and frankly, not everyone needs one.

StudyingMasters students, however, tend to be following a more specific route. People that have already spend a fortune on a degree are unlikely to shell out more on more courses, without a career, or future in mind.

But, is it worth it? Is it worth the extra cost, the additional delay to your working life? Is a masters degree worth further stress and exam pressure? Now that more people than ever are studying, and more people have higher qualifications, will it make enough difference to actually be worth your time, effort and cash?

Well, it certainly can be, here are some of the ways that a masters degree could benefit you in the future.

It Gets Your CV to the Top of the Pile

It’s thought that for every advertised graduate job, there are around 83 applicants. Of course, some jobs receive much more, and others far less. But, imagine seeing your own CV in a pile of 83. How would it fair with others with very similar experience and qualifications? Many of you might even have the same hobbies, interests, key skills and school experience. It can be all too easy to get lost in the pile, and it’s usually those applicants with something a little extra that get to the top of the pile and secure an interview. A masters degree can be the thing that sets you apart from the rest and gets you noticed in the battle for jobs.

It Shows Commitment

Studying for an additional qualification like an online MSN education shows that you are committed to learning and to your future. It shows that you are willing to go the extra mile, to gain further knowledge and experience and to get the job of your dreams. Just studying for a masters shows that you are someone that is willing to put the time in and do what it takes to follow your dreams and become good at your job.

Some of us study for our masters around work responsibilities, which can be difficult, and tiring. But, this too shows your commitment to learning. Even if it means that you have to study part-time and it takes longer to graduate, it will be worth it.

You’ll Learn Transferable Key Skills

open-book-1428428_1920Whatever we do in life, we learn. We gain new skills with all of our experiences. Not all of these skills are directly relevant to what we are doing, but when it comes to learning, most of them are transferable.

It won’t just be knowledge gained that helps you on your future career path. You will also develop other skills. Things like organisation, time management, research and extracting information, presentation, critical thinking, problem-solving and decision making will all be useful, whichever path you choose.

It’s a Great Networking Opportunity

When you study for a degree, you make some great friends. Some of whom will be firm friends for life. But, not all of them will go onto the same career path as you. While some could provide useful allies and connections, others will go a completely different way.

Most people that study for a masters go on to work in the sector that they have studied. Again, you’ll make friends. But, you’ll also make plenty of useful connections for the future. Studying can be an excellent networking opportunity.

It Gives You Options

You never know what the future might bring. None of us do, which is why it’s always good to have options. Whatever you choose to do right now, or in the next few years, studying gives you options for the future. Even if you chose to take a break, or work in a completely different industry, having a masters degree gives you options both now and in the future. One day it could make a career change, or even starting your own business significantly easier.

It Helps to Keep Your Mind Young

Higher education isn’t just for the young. It’s certainly not something that you need to decide on as soon as you graduate from your degree. In fact, many people chose to apply for a masters degree later in life, after a long break away from education.

Some do this because they love learning, and others to either further or change their career. But, whatever your reasons for studying later on in life, one added benefit is that learning after time away gives you mind a great workout and helps to keep it young and alert.

You’ll Gain More In-Depth Knowledge

The first year or so of a degree course is usually a general knowledge. It lays the groundwork for the rest of your learning and helps to make sure that your whole class is at the same level before taking on more in-depth learning. This doesn’t leave much time for that deeper learning.

When you study a Masters, everyone starts with a good knowledge of the subject, and you are free to dive right in and start learning with more detail.

Improve Your Earning Potential

Graduate jobs, unfortunately, are rarely well paid. You might be expected to work long hours, without earning enough to cover your student loan repayments. But, having a masters degree increases your earning potential from the very start of your career. It can quickly pay for itself.

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