May 12th: Nick Cramp on “How to Escape the Success Trap”

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Nick Cramp, Author and Transformational Coach.

Our Guest on Episode 39 of Business Breakfast TV is Author and Transformational Coach, Nick Cramp.

In this talk, Nick Cramp will address why you might be feeling trapped and frustrated by the ‘successful’ business you have created and how by adopting a different mindset you can transform your business into one that works for you rather than one you seem to work for.
You will learn:

• Why what got you here probably won’t get you there

• How to reframe any underlying fears as motivators to make transformational level changes required

• The 3 guiding principles that if adopted will encourage you to rethink the way you operate your business

• Why there is currently a misalignment between the external impression of your business and the internal reality 

• The 3 internal resistances that you need to overcome to scale a business beyond adolescence

• The 6 essential elements that you need to prioritise to create a profitable and sustainable business

Nick has 30 years of experience in business firstly as a business owner and for the last 15 years as a business coach and consultant. He has worked alongside leaders of business in all sectors and of varying sizes in a variety of roles so has first-hand experience of the challenges leaders face when trying to create scalable and profitable businesses.

He specialises in working with leadership teams of adolescent stage businesses who are looking to create better businesses not necessarily bigger businesses.

Nick had an MBA from Bath University, is a certified EMyth business coach, and has worked on numerous government-funded business growth programmes.

In May 2021 he will be releasing his first book Better Before Bigger – Rethinking business success. The book contains Nick’s blueprint & roadmap for ambitious businesses looking to scale further but need a more structured approach to deliver against this ambition.

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