May 5th: Eleanor Winton on “Why You Need A Game Plan For Disruption”

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Eleanor Winton, Author & Consultant on connected thinking on innovation and risk.

Our Guest on Episode 38 of Business Breakfast TV is Author, Consultant, & NED, Eleanor Winton.

The global context for business is changing faster than we thought possible – unprecedented events combined with long-term trends and shifts are reshaping how we live, work and communicate. To survive and thrive, every business leader needs to think differently about the impact of emerging trends and risks and to act differently in addressing them.

In this session, Ruth Murray Webster and Eleanor Winton, authors of ‘The Disruption Game Plan: New rules for connected thinking on innovation and risk’, will share their tried and tested four-step framework for driving value from disruption.

• How to Stimulate and Motivate your team to see a range of possible futures.

• Ensuring that you Facilitate Debate across the leadership team.

• Building your plan to Innovate and Mitigate in response to emerging risks and opportunities.

• Creating the infrastructure that enables you to Update and Anticipate.

• In the networking and Q&A Ruth and Eleanor will share stories, tips, and tools that bring both disruption, and the response to it, to life.

The session will be relevant for curious and ambitious senior leaders interested in ‘do strategy’ differently and anyone working in risk, innovation, sustainability, or change who wants to add new value to their organisation.

More information can be found at The Disruption Game Plan.

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