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Connect with like-minded peers

Like Minds is a global thought leadership platform that connects entrepreneurs, business owners and experts through events, online content and mentorship. The mentorship programme is a new initiative that aims to provide guidance, support and inspiration to aspiring and established entrepreneurs who want to grow their careers or businesses to achieve their goals.

The mentorship programme will match mentees with mentors who have relevant experience, expertise and networks in their chosen fields. The mentors will offer one-to-one sessions, group workshops, online resources and access to exclusive events and opportunities. The mentees will benefit from the mentors’ insights, feedback, advice and connections, as well as from peer-to-peer learning and collaboration with other mentees.

Our value proposition

The value of being a part of the mentorship programme is to help entrepreneurs like you accelerate your growth and success by learning from the best in the business. The programme will offer:

  • Access to a network of high-profile and experienced mentors who have built successful businesses in various sectors and markets.
  • Personalised and tailored guidance and support from the mentors, based on the mentees’ goals, challenges, and opportunities.
  • Opportunities to attend exclusive events, workshops, and webinars with mentors and other industry experts, covering a wide range of topics. See your mentors below.
  • Access to online resources, tools, and templates that will help the mentees implement their learnings and track their progress.
  • A community of like-minded peers who will share their experiences, challenges, and successes, and offer mutual support and feedback.

Membership starts at £30.00+vat per month, or you can choose to pay annually for £300+vat giving you two free months of membership. Book a call with our founder or:

Apply now and get access to these exclusive benefits;

Benefits For Mentees

  • 1x exclusive interview article with you on our platform.
  • 12x expert articles per year to be provided by you to help promote your business.
  • 1x authors profile page on our platform, increase your SEO-optimised contributor profile with links to all your articles.
  • 1x complimentary “experience day” at Home Grown Private Members Club.
  • An invitation to join our select group on the Guild platform to chat and collaborate with your peers.
  • Social media exposure with links posted to your articles to our followers.
  • Invitations to networking events in London and Exeter.
  • Discounted tickets to our in-person and virtual events.
  • PLUS enjoy special offers from our official business partners such as:

Partner Businesses

  1. Hotel Indigo, Exeter. In the heart of the city centre, Hotel Indigo Exeter has been lovingly restored. Each of the 104 rooms is styled to honour elements of the city. With added luxury amenities like Egyptian cotton linens, spa-inspired bathrooms, and 40-inch flatscreen TVs, this is the perfect place to explore the sights and sounds of the city. Enjoy discounted rooms as a member.
  2. The Pig Hotels at Combe in Devon, Bath in Somerset & Harlyn Bay in Cornwall. Escaping the city, catching up with friends, frolics on the beach. Whatever the reason there’s a PIG waiting for you. Enjoy room upgrades (when possible) as a member.
  3. Home Grown Home Grown is a private members’ club that provides entrepreneurial pioneers with unique resources to unlock the true value of their business potential. They will waive the joining fee as a Like Minds mentorship member.
  4. The Guild Platform hosts the Like Minds Group of helpful, networked, entrepreneurs and business owners looking to grow and scale their businesses and help other like-minded individuals do the same.

Apply now and get access to these mentors;

Mentorship Team

As part of your membership, you have access to the following specialists in their field who are there to support you and your business. The first hour of consultation is free, after that, it’s up to you how you continue to work together.

We’ve curated 10 male and 10 female mentors to choose from, or talk to them all – that’s 20 hours of help and guidance across the year!

So if you have an issue with any of the following topics then please get in touch.

  1. John Murcott – Business Strategist. With over two decades of entrepreneurial experience and business ownership, John now helps ambitious and driven individuals conquer seemingly insurmountable goals while avoiding burnout along the way. Together, they achieve the extraordinary and redefine the limits of success.
  2. Matt Porter – Business Strategist. Matt is a world-class professional certified coach with 30 years of commercial experience, working with innovative founders and senior leaders at Amazon, Google, Nike, and Warner Media. He is driven to be the coach he wished he had when he was building multimillion-pound businesses in his 30s and as a strategy partner at AstraZeneca in his 40s.
  3. Oliver Dax – Sales Strategist. Oliver is a Corporate Sales Trainer. Working with businesses to develop their sales skills, improve their conversion rates, and increase their ROI. Oliver’s approach is consultative, relaxed, and effective. Always building toward mutually beneficial outcomes and long-term relationships.
  4. Dave Birss – Creative Strategist. Dave combines creativity with strategic thinking to develop innovative solutions that meet business objectives. This role typically exists in advertising, marketing, and creative agencies, but it can also be found in various industries where creative problem-solving is essential.
  5. Andrew Gerrard – Investment Strategist. Andrew is a capital market, business development, and strategy advisor, providing insights and expertise to founders and their businesses looking for investment to fuel their growth, sales, and marketing activities. Andrew is a senior partner at C2 Capital, Executive Director of Quadra Global Capital, and is a current mentor for the Block Dojo web3 and Carbon13 venture builder accelerator programmes.
  6. Jon Bains – Digital & AI Strategist. Jon is a digital strategist and entrepreneur who creates award-winning digital experiences and strategies for global brands. He co-founded What & Why, a strategic consultancy that helps businesses with proposition, strategy, brand, and execution. He also advises and mentors complementary businesses on governance, structures, and strategies.
  7. David Hallett – Tech Strategist. David is a visionary IT professional with almost 40 years of experience leading large-scale software projects internationally. With a holistic blend of graphic design, software engineering, and process expertise, David brings unique perspectives and innovation to the table.
  8. John Harvey – Networking Strategist. John is an author, speaker, and leading expert on all things networking and business development. He can show you how to successfully master the art of networking to enhance your business and life.
  9. Dan Smale – Search Marketing Specialist. Dan optimizes online content and advertising campaigns to improve their visibility in search engine results. The primary goal is to increase the visibility of a website or a particular product/service in search engine results pages (SERPs), thereby driving more organic (unpaid) and paid traffic to the website.
  10. Quentin Millington – Business Strategist. Quentin works with ambitious managers and their teams to turn good ideas into practice. Skilled in leadership, culture, and change, he combines advice, challenge, and support to enable people to navigate obstacles and create value that lasts.

  1. Nicole Yerson – Innovation Strategist. Nicole is a radical entrepreneurial spirit with a vast International network of startups, a ‘why not’ attitude, and the ability to translate business problems into innovation opportunities, delivering real value to businesses faced with transformation wrought by digital disruption.
  2. Anne Cantelo – PR Strategist. Anne has more than 40 years of experience in Central Government at the UK Cabinet Office, large corporations, and small companies. She is the founder of Onyx Media & Communications and a board director of MyNARA.
  3. Ruth Farenga – Leadership Strategist.
  4. Kate Davies – Employee Engagement Strategist. Kate Davis is a leadership and change consultant, specialising in SLT team dynamics and communications. She is an ICF and GiANT accredited coach, a member of the Association of British Mentors, and vice-chair of the IoD Surrey.
  5. Adah Pariss – Cultural Strategist.
  6. Margaret Oscar – Internal Communications Strategist. Margaret is a communications specialist with over 20 years of experience and an absolute passion for driving businesses forward through employee advocacy. As an ex-journalist, she believes written communications carefully crafted can achieve any desired outcome – it’s just a matter of choosing the right words, in the right order. 
  7. Sawsan Khuri – Innovation Strategist & Facilitator. Sawsan is an innovation specialist and professional facilitator at Collaborative Capacities. A systems thinking natural, she uses a human-centric approach to help clients define a path and make it happen. Sawsan energises, enlightens, and enables you to unleash creativity, boost innovation, and accelerate outcomes.
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