Modern Fire Protection in the Workplace – What You Need to Know.

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As a business owner, there are multiple different hazards from which you need to protect your clients and employees. With around 16,000 commercial fires reported each year in the UK alone, fire protection is clearly one of the most dangerous hazards to protect against.

While there are emerging technologies such as fire shutters that business owners should certainly make use of, there are certain fundamental approaches such as fire safety training and cleaning that cannot be eliminated with technology alone.

Keep your workplace clean

One of the most important things about fire protection in the workplace is keeping the space clean. This has two main impacts. First, a dirty workplace is more likely to lead to fires. For example, something as simple as dust build-ups can lead to electrical fires – there are no advanced solutions that can eliminate this risk yet.

Second, a cluttered workplace can create hazards in case you need to evacuate. Ensuring that all corridors are kept free from blockages or other items that people could trip over while trying to exit is paramount to ensuring the safety of your clients and employees.

Fire shutters

Fire curtains can be an effective way of containing and slowing the spread of fires in the workplace. 

You can place fire curtains in strategic locations, to ensure that sensitive areas are protected, helping to buy time before the emergency services arrive. There is a range of expert providers, such as LBS Group, that can advise on which solution is best appropriate for your specific workplace.

Fire marshals

In any workplace, it’s essential that you appoint certain individuals as fire marshals. They will play a crucial role when it comes to fire safety, both in fire prevention and in evacuation and fire containment.

Fire marshals will be responsible for checking emergency fire exits, and keeping on top of fire extinguisher maintenance. They’ll also need to hold fire drills on a regular basis and ensure that all electrical devices in the workplace are PAT tested.

Fire safety training for all staff

While fire marshals are important, you need to ensure that every member of your staff receives adequate fire safety training. This should be provided in an accessible manner, ensuring that everyone, especially those with specific impairments or conditions, is aware of what to do in the case of a fire.

Clearly, to ensure fire safety in the workplace, it’s important that business owners take a multifaceted approach. This means using the latest technologies available, while also ensuring that your staff is trained on the latest fire safety measures necessary to keep them safe.

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