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Public Speaking – Engage, Enthuse, Entertain.

Standing out from the crowd is tough, particularly in a world that has become increasingly non-tactile. So it’s important to understand the nuances of communication, then practice them.

This course covers these areas and more and gives you the opportunity to practice your learnings and be thoroughly assessed by the MTT experts.

  • Expert guidance on effective remote and live public speaking.
  • Step-by-step video training.
  • Interactive learning, including uploading your own work.
  • An icebreaker, assessed by an MTT expert, to get you into the public speaking zone.
  • How to use your body to communicate non-verbally.
  • Your voice and how to make the best of it.
  • Your chance to practice impromptu speaking, with full assessment included.
  • The Full Monty – upload your best speech and have it assessed by an MTT expert.
  • A discussion button for direct access to your trainer while you’re learning.
  • An MTT certificate on completion of your course.

Your Body Speaks.

Body language matters, someone else’s decision can hang on how you use your body to communicate.

It’s about expressing yourself in the right way through your your face, hands and the rest of your body.

It’s about understanding how non-verbal communication can affect the people you’re in front of as well as improving your own verbal communication.

This course focuses on how to optimise the use of your body whilst conveying your expertise and telling your story.

  • Expert guidance on how to use your body for effective remote and live public speaking
  • Interactive learning, including uploading your own work
  • Video assignment
  • A comprehensive 1-2-1 appraisal of your assignment, by your trainer, with pointers for the future
  • A discussion button for direct access to your trainer while you’re learning

The Story Pitcher, Using Stories to Make Your Mark.

How do you tell a story? Come to think of it, why would you tell a story? Stories are the memories that arguments are built on. They’re the reason why we engage and that’s why, particularly in these times, more and more people involved in the business are using them. But how do you tell them effectively? And how can they help you to make the most of your talents?

This course emphasises the need for a reliable structure and modus for achieving all that. The StoryPitcher is a memorable way of tapping into memories, organising them, and understanding the emotional triggers that will make your arguments so memorable.

  • A tried-and-tested method for using stories to attract attention and acquire influence
  • A structured, step-by-step process
  • Tactile video training
  • Fully interactive learning, including sharing your own work via the My True Talent portal
  • Video assignments
  • In-depth feedback from your trainer
  • A discussion button for direct access to your trainer while you’re learning
  • A My True Talent certificate to confirm you did it and that you’re now ready to use powerful stories to make your mark.

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