Naturally Protective? Career Options For You!

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Some people are naturally protective. They will typically be the ISFJ personality in the Briggs Myers’ type. Introversion, Sensing, Feeling, Judgement.

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You can take your Briggs Myers’ personality test type and work out what you are. Of course, just because you are protective, doesn’t mean that you will always fall into that category. Here is a bit about a protective personality type.

Highly motivated to help others, usually in a practical and organized way. They have strong core values that often come under upholding tradition, working hard, and taking care of others. Work that requires careful attention and adherence to the procedure are the cornerstones of what they enjoy doing.

There are a number of careers that fit with this personality type, here are a few of them. 

Social Services and Community:

  • Social or Human Services
  • Social workers
  • Probation Officer
  • Correctional Treatment Specialist

Personal Care and Services:

  • Child Care Workers
  • Funeral Service Occupations
  • Manicurist

Protective Services:

  • Firefighter
  • Police Officer
  • Detective
  • Security Guard
  • Gaming Surveillance Officer

Team Working

If you have a protective person on your team, you will need to ensure that you are providing the right training and support. For example, if you run a club or host events, make sure you have people with security training. If you are in an office, give them the extra responsibility of the First Aid training or note keeping. They will typically be very keen to keep details well written and easy to read for others. They are very important members of every team.

Protective people are highly tuned to the concerns and emotions of others and typically great at reading body language too. This is why protective people often find themselves in work like police officers and social services. When everyone adheres to the rules, they generally enjoy their work on a much deeper level too. 

As Leaders

It would be easy to assume that protective people would be ideal for leadership roles. However, they will often shy away from those roles. They are always committed to the job they do, so if it arose that they would need to step into those shoes, they would do it through duty.

Their organizational and meticulous natural actually make brilliant leaders in the end. They take into consideration their team and are the ideal people to have on your side when the company goes through a rocky period. They are incredibly loyal to their company and team.

If you are a naturally protective person, and you feel like this fits you, then you should explore career opportunities that will allow you to fully use this trait. Your strengths lie deeply in being practical, hardworking, true to your work, and very supportive.

One thing you will need to watch out for is that true to form the protective personality is highly likely to take on too much work, or too many responsibilities in order to help other people out. The word workaholic is often used to describe people who are very dedicated to what they do. 

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