November 20th: Mayfair Business Breakfast with Dan Wagner.

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Come and meet serial technology entrepreneur Dan Wagner, CEO Rezolve at private members business club 12 Hay Hill.

Dan has set up numerous technology businesses since the early 1980s and he continues to strive to bring innovative technologies to market. Dan started in 1984 and set up the first online information platform (MAID) which initially licensed content from the major newspapers and magazines to sell their content online.

Because this was 1984, Dan was able to secure exclusive agreements and this helped him grind out a unique position when bigger companies like Reuters and Dow Jones entered the market in 1987. MAID went on to become the global market leader before it was sold to Thomson (now Thomson Reuters).

Dan’s second company (Venda) was a pioneer in enterprise eCommerce and was founded in 1998. Venda created a cloud or on-demand commerce platform that went on to run major retail customers’ eCommerce sites (including Lands End, Tesco, BooHoo, TJX Companies, Nieman Marcus and many more) and was sold to Oracle in 2014 after becoming the European market leader.

Dan’s current business, Rezolve is a leading international commerce specialist focusing on technologies to transform and redefine retail by using the capabilities of the mobile device to enable a new and superior way to connect with consumers.

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