October 14th: Vanessa Ugatti on “How To Charge What You’re Worth and Get It.”

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Our Guest on Episode 13 of Business Breakfast TV is Vanessa Ugatti, The True Worth Expert on “How To Charge What You’re Worth and Get It.”

Vanessa Ugatti, True Worth Expert

Vanessa is The True Worth Expert helping colleagues understand and articulate value.

This talk will resonate with everyone who works in sales, runs their own business, or is a service industry freelance. We all want to get paid what we deserve for our skillset and Vanessa will share her framework on how to achieve this and increase your fee income.

“I’ve yet to meet anyone as skilfully talented as Vanessa Ugatti when it comes to helping colleagues understand and articulate value.  Watch her YouTube clips, read her book, listen to her talks.  This is one you cannot afford to miss.”
Robert Sanderson, MD, The Practical Vision Network

Are you frequently:  

• Undercharging or under-estimating? 

• Discounting routinely or

• Over-servicing your clients?  

If so, you’re losing money hand over fist. And, the more often you do it, the more money you’re losing.  The chances are you’re also feeling overworked, stressed, tired, and possibly even resentful.  

Do you want to change all that? In this short, thought-provoking talk, using her own unique formula, Vanessa will empower you to shift your mindset and leave you with the blueprint to charging what you’re worth.

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You can connect with Vanessa here and she will be available to answer your questions at the end of the talk. You can read her blog post here.

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