October 28th: Uyen Vo on “Understanding Others to Get Ahead”

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Our guest on episode 14 of Business Breakfast TV is Uyen Vo, Professional Trainer & Coach and Founder at Fierce Consulting on “Understanding Others to Get Ahead”.

Uyen Vo, Founder at Fierce Consulting

Uyen Vo helps leaders to build productive happy teams with her workshops, consulting, and coaching.  She works with large corporate clients like Bank of America and the BBC to smash their goals. She has nearly 20 years of execution experience across all sorts of sectors – including corporate treasury, people development, ESG, operations, and consulting – and now uses her stories to help others around the world.

This session will be great for anyone who is responsible for;

• Sales and marketing

• Working with clients and external partners

• Leading and managing others

• Negotiations or influencing

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Your business success hinges on your ability to understand and connect with people.  Now, most of us already know how to do this to a certain extent but what this interactive workshop will do is to show you a step-by-step process so that you’re more systematic and strategic about it.  This approach will help you achieve more consistent success across a broader range of situations.

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