Office Equipment that Does the Business.

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Whatever line of business you operate in, advertising is vital. People not only need to know about your products and services; they need to be continually reminded that what you offer has value for them. While there are now several ways to target customers online, businesses find that traditional forms of advertising, such as flyers and leaflets, still have a place and can be very effective.

But what if your product line is often changing or you want to reduce the overall cost of producing your leaflets, menus, and flyers. It can be expensive to use a publisher all the time, and with the advanced technology we have today, you would think there was a less expensive and more efficient way to operate. Luckily there is; it’s called the Duplo International Slitter, Cutter, and Creaser. 

You want to have this machine in your office, especially if you put out periodical advertising material. It allows you to prepare the leaflets, menus, and flyers prior to the campaign from the comfort of your home base. Receive the printed materials from your supplier and crease them yourself to cut down on expenses and give you more control over the campaign. 

The Duplo Slitter, Cutter, and Creaser is a multifunctional device that not only fits neaty in your office beside your printer and scanner, but it also allows you complete flexibility over what you crease and how you crease it. It further uses app technology to process multiple jobs, cut down your processing time, and improve efficiency.

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