Office Eyesores You Could Really Do Without.

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Your office is supposed to be the physical representation of the brand. It’s supposed to act as both an efficient workplace and yet also a warm welcome for clients, customers, partners, and guests.

Office Yet, as busy as you are running the place, it is easy to neglect the eyesores that can start to gather up beneath your notice. Here are a few that you should take a closer look for and do what you can to fix them.


Stains and dirt

Every workplace is going to suffer the slow build up of spills, dust, and dirt that accumulates as part of natural working life. If you’re only getting the mop out for those big spills, it’s easy to miss the slow degradation that poor office care can lead to. The best way to tackle this is with the help of a commercial cleaning team, scheduled to visit at the times that are least disruptive to your team and their work.

Wear, tear, and shabbiness

Every investment starts to pay off less and less at some point. If you focused only on fitting out the office as soon as possible, then some of those investments can start to fray and sustain damage until they become much more noticeable. When choosing décor elements for the workplace such as flooring, ensure that durability is a number one factor, such as by choosing heavy contract carpets. Avoid opting for the cheapest options and invest in longevity instead. It will not only be a visual improvement, but it means you won’t have to replace it as soon, which could make it an even better investment.

Clutter and confusion

You don’t want your team to look like they’re penned into small spaces where they have barely the room they need to breathe, never mind work. Clutter not only looks bad, it is known to increase stress, lower motivation, and to attract more dirt and dust. Look at these office space hacks that can help you make better use of the room provided and create clearer, open spaces that give the office a modern look and, most importantly, help your team do their work productively and effectively. 

Mismatched design

If you’re not an interior expert, that’s okay. However, if you’re trying to bring your brand to life through effective office design, you should consider hiring one. Fit out teams can help you look through the workspace from top to bottom and help transform it to fit your wants and needs for the space. This includes not only visual aspects but layout choice and renovations when needed, as well. It’s a big investment, but if you’re looking to create a workplace that wows those who visit it, it’s a step that might be worth considering.

Think of your office as the body of the company. It needs to be taken care of just as much as the mind that is your team and tools. Hopefully, we’ve highlighted a few issues you can tackle and just what you can do about them.

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