Guild is a messaging platform for professional groups, networks, and communities. A safe space to communicate, connect and collaborate. Emails get lost. Social media gets too noisy. Guild uses the immediacy and intimacy of messaging but engages in a professional way. Guild has no ads, you can customize the branding, and everyone has a professional profile. Join the Like Minds Group on Guild here.

Tech London Advocates (TLA) is an unrivaled collection of tech leaders, experts, and investors uniting to form the most influential group in tech. With no government backing, this is the voice of the private sector in London.

The TLA is an advocacy group that aims to support technology start-ups in finding new investments, and new talent, and achieving high growth.

Business Finland creates new growth by supporting companies to go global, as well as funding innovations. Our top experts speed up the identification of business opportunities around the world and help transform them into global success stories.

As a fresh organisation, formed through the merger of Tekes and Finpro, we continue to evolve by listening to our customers. See how Business Finland services can support you during the different stages of internationalization.

Home Grown is a private members’ club that provides entrepreneurial pioneers with unique resources to unlock the true value of their business potential. Our members get access to exclusive events, meeting spaces, and networking opportunities with investors and entrepreneurs.

London & Partners is the official promotional company for London. We are a not-for-profit public-private partnership, funded by the Mayor of London and our network of commercial partners. Our aims are to build London’s international reputation and create additional jobs and growth for the London economy.

GREAT Britain. The GREAT Britain campaign showcases the best of what our whole nation has to offer to inspire the world and encourage people to visit, do business, invest, and study in the United Kingdom.

It is the Government’s most ambitious international promotional campaign ever, uniting the efforts of the public and private sectors to generate jobs and growth for Britain. The campaign has already secured confirmed economic returns of £2.7bn for the UK.