People Who Can Help You Build Your Business.

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When you are trying to grow a small business, it can feel like an uphill battle. But the truth is sometimes it is about finding the right people and being shown the way. There are millions of people that have come before you and millions after too. It makes sense to seek out others who have knowledge that we need, or those that can provide us with what we feel like we are missing.

You’re not lost, you’re here.

Family & Friends

Yes, many people say that asking the people closest to you will end in disaster. Because often they are your ‘yes’ people. But actually, they know you well, and they support what you are doing. Meaning that they have a vested interest in what you are doing. It is in everyone’s best interest for them to give you honest answers to the questions that you have.

And, in the case that you don’t need advice, you just need support – this network is invaluable. They will always talk about risk and what happens ‘if.’ But when you accept that this might feel negative it is about protecting you, you can see the positive flip side. 


There are coaches in almost any realm of business now. From money and manifestation to business advisors. In most cases, they have been there and done that. And they can give you advice and information aplenty. But they go further than this. They give you the tools to find out what you need with their support.

And while you will often be paying for the services that they provide, they will know you and your business inside out. One of the main things that they will start with is what your goals are and what you have done so for. So that between you, you can carve a path that will work for you and your business. 

Talent Pool

While the days of the gig-economy is still big business, we can’t all hire freelancers and small companies all the time. But what we can do is build a talent pool that will give us access to who we need, when we need it. You’ll need to network to make these connections, and once you have them, you will need to nurture them.

But imagine that you make a connection with a content writer who specializes in your area, and when you are in a position to need to hire – you already know who they are and how they work. Not as friends, but as associates. Talent pools are an incredible tool that all small businesses should look to build. 


They are so skilled in finance it is almost scary. Not only that, but that will have worked with many small businesses and can give you a lot of information and advice on what your finances will allow you to do.

The forecast for the next year, how the money market is in your sector as well as get your ready for financial pitches, and the overall health of your business. Financial knowledge is a powerful tool when applied correctly to what you do and will do in the future.

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