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You may listen to them on the train or in the car during your daily commute, or maybe you listen to them while you’re washing up, wherever you access them you know that podcasts are, quite frankly, great.

Described as radio on demand, you can filter out all the unnecessary, boring and frankly uninteresting content from your usual radio shows and follow discussions, listen to music or hear stories that relate entirely to your own interests.

Some of the more popular ones drawn hundreds of thousands of listeners in each week but with so many niche topics from badminton to a guide to ESOS phase 2, you’re spoilt for choice. So why would you choose to create a podcast for your business? In this blog, we take a look at some of the very real business benefits to using podcasting as a marketing tool.


They’re relatively new

Perhaps not in the entertainment sense but for businesses producing them, there are certainly relatively few commercial podcasts out there and that gives you a foot in the door.

They represent good value for money

While the more professional your podcast sounds the better, the great thing about them is that they are relatively cheap to produce once you make the initial investment of some decent recording and editing equipment. After that, it’s just a decision about where you distribute them. You could make your podcasts available entirely from your website or have them listed on a platform such as iTunes.

You have a captive audience

Once you’ve captured some listeners, the chances are you’ll have them subscribed to your channel for a while to come. Providing you keep your content up to date and interesting your brand will remain relevant and well seen with every episode you produce.

This also brings us to the fact that you have complete control over your content. This is infinitely more helpful than just advertising on an existing podcast as it allows you to share your exact messaging to your key demographic without any chance of your marketing getting lost.

It might seem that podcasting is simply for entertainment purposes and indeed, in the main it is, but using it to establish your voice as a powerful leader in your industry is a great choice for any organisation. You will, of course, need to find podcasters who know what they’re doing and capture the audience with great content. Creating a podcast isn’t something you’ll rush into, you’ll need to plan how many you want to produce each month and have a scheme of topics planned and laid out before you start.

Get a professional service in to start and you’ll be surprised at how quickly podcasting will become part of your overall marketing strategy. It’s cheap, relatively novel and will present your company as one with vision and creativity. Take a listen today to some of your favourites episodes and imagine your customers having the same reaction to your business. Get podcasting for greater marketing reach.

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