Promotional Products That People Will Actually Appreciate.

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TomatoMarketing for your company is always a challenge. It is a persuasion and impression-based job which forces you to work hard to vie for attention from customers by any means you can. The most popular methods to market a business are social media, email, and flyers to share a product with a customer. Once in a while, you might be tempted to shake things up a bit and try a new method for marketing, and this is where promotional products and giveaways can come into play. 

Promotional products can be a great way to slyly advertise a company indirectly and increase brand recognition in a passive way. To find more information about promotional products you can look anywhere online and you will immediately be flooded with a wealth of pens and mugs and jute bags. 

But the thing is, a lot of promotional products are samey and boring. Most people have dozens of company pens and mugs at home and these can become more of an annoyance than anything else. So if you want to make a real impression, you will want to offer products which are useful, unique, and fun. Here are some of our top picks for promotional products that people will actually appreciate. 

Golf balls

If you are looking for a new way to market your business with a promotional product, one avenue you can explore is sport. Sports products such as golf balls, tennis balls, or footballs, can all be awesome ideas to utilise. By creating a product that people can use and play with, they will appreciate this much more than a lanyard and they will gain a positive impression of your brand as a result. 

Character Rubber Ducks

Count Duckula, Duck Vader… character rubber ducks are a funny product and always a talking point at home. If you are feeling really ambitious and creative this year, a great idea would be to create your own unique pun-laden duck for your audience. This might seem like a lot of work and cost, but the payoff you can get from your customers, in the long run, can make a world of difference to you. If you don’t have the funds, you can just as easily buy rubber ducks with your logo on as a fun nod to the idea.

Personalized Marshmallows

Who doesn’t love a good marshmallow? Instead of handing out those tiny mints with your logo on this year, a great alternative is personalised marshmallows. You can get almost anything printed on a marshmallow and these can be a freebie which people appreciate massively. For an extra touch of fun to the proceedings, you could include a quick s’mores recipe to get people in the mood for a sweet treat. When creating free promotional products for your audience you want to show care and attention to detail, and going the extra mile will have a lasting impression on those who buy your products. 

Reusable mug

One of the most common products a company will give out to customers is a mug. The issue is, this is such a common product that most of your customers will likely have a cupboard already full of other mugs, so this isn’t going to add value to their lives. A great alternative to encourage people to use your mug is a reusable thermal mug. This is something that people can take to work with them in the morning every day and is a much more useful product all round. 

Stress Ball

Everyone gets stressed now and again, and if you want to ease the stress of your customers and give them something to play with at their desk, a stress ball is an amazing idea. Stress balls come in many different styles and colours so you can have some fun coming up with ideas and designs for it. 

Phone Screen cloths

Who doesn’t have a mobile phone these days? With the rise of technology and the mobile world we live in, it would be silly not to make the most of this with a fun gift for your customers. A phone screen cleaning cloth can be a cheap way to advertise your brand to your customers while also giving them a product they can use every day to keep their phone clean and shiny.

If you have an extra budget, you can even think about creating a phone case for your audience. There are some really fun gifts you can buy for your audience, and the investment is more than worth it with the reputation you’ll gain as a brand as well as the passive advertising you can see.

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