Reopening Your Business Premises? Make Your Opening Go With a Bang!

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You’re adaptable. You’ve had to be! Long before the COVID-19 pandemic came along, you understood the value and importance of fluidity in how you run your business. You’ve known for some time that your success as a small business owner has been in direct proportion to your ability to cope with the unforeseen and keep your operations going in the face of the unknown.

Every time an employee quits without tendering their notice, every time a piece of equipment failed you, every time a customer came at you with an unfair and ungrounded complaint. It’s all been preparing you for this moment! Over the past few months, you’ve demonstrated your ability to adapt with aplomb.

You’ve supported your team and helped to keep them happy, healthy, and productive while working from home. You’ve found new and innovative ways to engage with your customers online so that your brand retains its presence in their consciousness. Your resourcefulness and sheer determination have enabled you to keep your business going while your competitors have faltered. 

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But now, as lockdown measures are eased all over the country, it’s time to get back to business. Still, when it comes to reopening your physical premises, you may still have a few misgivings. You may worry about how you’ll keep your employees and your customers safe.

ou may worry about how cautious customers will react to your reopening. As such, you may be concerned that your grand reopening goes not with a bang but with a whimper. Here are some ways in which you can reopen with confidence and ensure the safety and happiness of all who walk through your door…

Create a buzz online

If you’ve been managing to keep your business going online, there’s a good chance that you can afford to take your time and reopen on your own terms. Start to build a buzz by announcing your reopening date on your website and / or social media feeds.

Send emails to your employees letting them know when they can return to work and see their friends and colleagues again. Be receptive to the questions, queries, and concerns of your customers and employees alike. The better you are able to answer them, the more trust you’ll be able to build. 

Leverage promo codes to lure in cautious customers

Of course, there are many customers who will be reticent to step outside to visit you. This is perfectly understandable, however, it may be a serious cause for concern when you’re trying to orchestrate a grand reopening. The good news is that even the most cautious customer can be coaxed out of their comfort zone with the right offer. 

Invest in the software to create unique single-use promo codes which can be redeemed on purchases in-store. This software will help to insulate you from the dangers of promo code misuse and can allow you to deliver tailored offers direct to your customers’ inboxes.

They can be personalized based on the customers’ previous purchases or even items that they’ve added to shopping carts online which they since abandoned. You may be pleasantly surprised how much more amenable people are to set foot inside your premises if they know they’re getting a great deal.

Tell them how you’ll make them feel safe

Even with the promise of a great offer in the pipeline, some customers will still be reticent about being under your roof. Indeed, some of your employees may also wonder if they wouldn’t be better off working from home. It’s up to you to give them the reassurance they need by outlining how you’ll keep them safe, as well as your expectations of them to contribute to a safe working environment. 

Write a detailed blog post explaining the measures you’ll take while also stating that you’re receptive to any suggestions on what further measures you can take to keep your premises as safe as possible. 

Not sure what you should be doing to stay safe? This post has some useful advice on how to make your premises as safe as possible, but we have some suggestions…

Make sure your aircon system is clean as a whistle

While you should make the wearing of masks mandatory for employees, you should also take steps to ensure that the air circulating through your premises is of the highest quality. This means getting your air conditioning serviced well in advance of reopening. 

Put down social distancing stickers

We can expect social distancing to be the norm for at least the next few months and potentially up until the end of the year. So, it’s up to you to help employees and customers alike stick to social distancing. Still, it’s hard for many to eyeball 6 feel, so be sure to use Social Distancing Stickers. These will serve as a constant reminder of your expectations.  

Limit how many customers can enter at a time

Not only will limiting the amount of customers on-site make it easier to enforce social distancing, it will help to build a sense of anticipation and excitement around your reopening. After all, a long line to enter your premises is always an encouraging sign, and may draw the eye of passers-by who will have a positive first impression of your brand. 

Set up screens

Everything we know about the COVID-19 virus tells us that it is transmitted through droplets of moisture carries from explosions of breath or sneezing. As such, even if your employees are wearing masks, setting up screens will provide an extra level of reassurance. 

And finally… Be proactive in cleaning your working environment

Cleanliness is the key to keeping your premises safe from COVID-19. So make sure your team are proactive in keeping the premises as safe as possible. Make sure they regularly wipe down surfaces as well as anything that’s likely to be touched frequently such as door handles and elevator call buttons.

It’s also a good idea to make sure that employees have sand sanitizer for any customer who needs or wants it. Create a buzz and help people feel safe and you’ll ensure that your grand reopening goes with a bang.

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