“Scale At Speed” by Felix Velarde.

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“Scale at Speed” by Felix Velarde gets your business over the hump of doing fine to triple revenue in two years.

Unlike other business growth books, this is a how-to guide, matching theory with easily actionable steps.

“Scale at Speed” has helped founders, entrepreneurs and business leaders:

– Chart a clear route to business transformation
– Build enthusiastic and talented support for your vision
– Uncover your unique value proposition
– Introduce processes and KPIs
– Untangle yourself from the day-to-day
– Become a market leader while reducing marketing costs
– Achieve the best exit price

Written in a clear, honest and engaging style by Felix Velarde, founder of the 2Y3X growth accelerator, which has been helping businesses scale since 2016.

Velarde founded one of the world’s first web design consultancies, before spending a twenty-year career creating, growing and selling digital marketing’s highest-profile businesses. You can see his talks here.

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