September 15th: Karen Liebenguth & Andrew McNeill  on “Radical, Mindful Leadership.”

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What the world needs now is radical mindful leadership.

Our Guests on Episode 57 of Lunch Bites are the creators of The Radical Mindful Leadership Programme, Karen Liebenguth, and Andrew McNeill.

Karen Liebenguth, accredited master coach, life and leadership coach, and a mindfulness teacher, and Andrew McNeill, international author, mindfulness teacher, and leadership consultant.  Karen and Andrew are the creators of The Radical Mindful Leadership Programme

In this talk, you will explore why you need Radical Mindful Leadership as your organisation emerges from the Pandemic.

You will learn:

• What Radical Mindful Leadership is

• What other leaders who have experienced the Programme think of it

• Why the Programme is important for your organisation now

• How this approach can help your organisation to respond differently to existing and emerging challenges of our time

• How it can help your leaders to improve their capacity to lead

• How you can access the Programme for your leaders

Karen is an accredited master coach and an accredited mindfulness teacher. Karen has specialised in coaching in nature and is highly regarded as a thought leader in her field. Andrew McNeill spent 20 years in senior leadership most recently as a Director in the UK Civil Service. He wrote Organisational Mindfulness a How-to Guide in 2019 and now provides leadership consultancy to a wide range of organisations. Andrew is also an accredited mindfulness teacher.

During the lockdown, Karen and Andrew recognised a shared view that there was something fundamentally missing in the world of leadership training. For the growing number of leaders who practice mindfulness, where do they go to deepen their practice and how it can develop in their leadership journey?

Karen and Andrew have created an innovative solution: the Radical Mindful leaders Programme, which enables leaders to deepen their practice and explore their leadership journey.

Having run 3 cohorts, with international participation, during 2020 and 2021, the results have been extraordinary and Andrew and Karen recognise that as organisations grapple with existing and emerging challenges of our time, the need for radical mindful leadership – uninhibited, human, compassionate – is immense.

This is what one participant felt:

“I did feel that by the end of the course that I already had the qualities of leadership in me which perhaps I hadn’t known or recognised prior to doing the course. I felt validated, I felt more confident, I felt as though I had done that “inner work” if you like, that inquiry into my own sort of motivations… and to be able to appreciate how far I’d come.”

You can follow Andrew here and Karen here.

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