September 23rd: Robert Craven on “Thriving Agency Businesses in Q4, 2020 – What To Do And Why!”

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Our Guest on Episode 10 of Business Breakfast TV is Robert Craven, founder of The Grow Your Own Agency Initiative.

Thriving, Surviving, Struggling or Dying? Which are you?

More businesses will go pop in the next quarter than at the height of the epidemic. So, what do you need to do? 

The dinosaurs may become extinct but there are plenty of reasons for most of us to be optimistic. Robert will look at what the survivors of earlier recessions did differently, and how they prospered. Combine this with what the current batch of high-performers are doing and we will be able to see a way forward.

Robert is the founder of the Grow Your Digital Agency Initiative and is the UK’s best-known and sought-after keynote speaker on growing digital agencies.

He also talks on customers: finding, delighting and keeping more and better customers and clients. He is not full of theoretical rhetoric; he offers practical solutions – tangible business growth results.

Robert’s work on marketing and growth strategy has been widely published and acted upon by thousands of businesses and agencies, from BlackBerry to Barclays, from Nando’s to AirBus. From Google Partners to Uberall and from Push to Hallam Internet.

His specialties are how to find and keep customers and clients, creating the processes and systems to run the business you want to run.

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