Setting Up As A Self-Employed Trades Person.

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Whether you’re newly qualified and just starting out or you have been working within a company for a while, setting up a self-employed business can seem like a daunting task. This doesn’t need to be the case, and although it does come with risks it can be extremely fruitful.

It does, however, take some time and commitment in order to succeed and get started and there are many aspects that you should research before you make the commitment. If you like to make sure you have a permanent wage coming in but are eager to start out on your own you could always start weekend work and build your way up to becoming self-employed in the future.

There are numerous things that you will need to think about in order to get yourself set up, have a look below a few to get you started: 

Can You Offer Competitive Prices

As a self-employed person, you need to be able to offer competitive prices against both self-employed traders and larger corporate bodies. This means it’s a good idea to complete some research into the ideal pricing and what services are offered at certain rates, then work out if you can either match the prices or beat them.

Beating them is always good when you are just beginning as it can be a good way to entice customers into using your service. Once you have become established and have a proven track record you could always revise your prices if you dropped them as a start-up method. 

What Do You Need In Order To Complete The Job

One of the best bits about working for a company is that they often provide the tools you need to complete the job. When you’re self-employed this becomes your responsibility and it can be difficult to find the budget especially when you haven’t started trading.

You need to think about things such as looking for a van from places like Southern Commercial Sales, setting up a trade account at your nearest trades counter for supplies and building a set of tools that you know are good enough to complete the work.

You should also make considerations with regards to any professional boards that you need to be registered with such as the gas safe register. It’s often a requirement to need to report any work that you have completed back to them for your first six months of being qualified.

How Are You Going To Get Your Business Heard About?

You could have the best products or services going and still not get anywhere if you don’t put any effort into getting your business heard. You should look at ways you can advertise your services such as using business facebook or Instagram. It’s advisable to get yourself a website set up too. Even if you only have a contact form and a little bit about you, it’s now more important than ever to have an online presence. 

These are just a few things for you to look at when setting up as a self-employed tradesperson. Do you have any other areas that you should consider? Please add them to the comments area below.

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