Shooting For Success: How To Take Your Photography Studio Business To The Next Level.

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COVID-19 has placed restrictions on businesses from virtually every sector. Therefore, the post-lockdown period is set to be one of the most important times in your career. Bouncing back from the recent struggles in style is essential.

If you own a photography studio, there are several ways to breathe new life into the commercial endeavours. Here are eight great solutions to give you an advantage over the coming months.

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1| Enhance Your Website

Before worrying about the shoots themselves, you must first focus on bookings and appointments. A well-designed website can be one of your most valuable marketing tools. Aside from providing details on location and services, it can showcase your portfolio. Better still, contact forms can lead to direct bookings.

When supported by solid local SEO, anyone searching for photography studios on Google or Bing will find your business too.

2| Improve Your Equipment

Better cameras and lenses take better photos. Fact. Of course, it’s necessary to have the creative eye and technical know-how too. Still, buying a new camera lens can open the door to new possibilities. This is especially true when looking at fisheye lenses and other alternative solutions. Focal lengths are obviously important to consider too.

As a skilled and avid photographer, you already appreciate the benefits of quality equipment. But this is the time to revamp your setup.

3| Increase Backdrop Flexibility

Studio setups offer incredibly flexible spaces that allow you to take shots for varying purposes. Family portraits, commercial shoots, and professional jobs are all commonplace. The backdrop and accessories can transform the entire look. A large format printing machine puts you in greater control than ever before. You can design bespoke ideas for each shoot.

When supported by a box of accessories and clear communication about outfit changes, keeping clients could not be simpler.

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4| Alter Your Lighting Setup

Every photographer knows that lighting can change the mood unlike any other aspect. Therefore, equipping your studio with new lighting setups can work wonders. Lighting filters allow you to alter the look quickly. Lighting gels are criminally underused too. Now is the time to reintroduce yourself to them once more.

Lighting with adjustable angles can add extra versatility, bringing the results of your shoots to a whole new level. Better results will soon lead to increased bookings.

5| Add New Services

The harsh reality is that in-studio shoots may suffer a decline over the coming months. However, you have the equipment needed to provide additional services. Wedding photographers can make very good money. Meanwhile, press photos and events coverage are also options that could be worth your consideration.

When used to supplement the earnings from your primary work at the studio, their value can be huge. It diversified your portfolio too.

6| Sell More Products & Packages

In most cases, the shoots themselves are just a small part of the overall process. At least from a financial perspective. Selling prints and digital copies are naturally big sellers, especially for professional purposes. However, when doing family shoots, the images can be used on a variety of home goods.

Use the products to upsell larger packages at a discounted rate. The profit per time may fall, but the overall order returns will soar.

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7| Consider Renting The Space

If you have a studio, you are truly blessed. Many photographers and creatives cannot afford one but would be willing to rent it for a day or two. If you are planning to spend a day editing your photos or completing an off-site shoot, use it to your advantage. Renting out the studio for the day can clawback significant funds.

Depending on the situation you find yourself in, it may be possible to consider renting out the equipment and accessories too.

8| Consider Teaching

Another option that builds upon the idea of rentals is to use the space for teaching. Plenty of aspiring photographers want to learn the skills needed to start careers of their own. You have the experience and equipment to become a tutor. While there are plenty of courses to become a qualified tutor, most students are focused solely on talent.

You can also film the lessons and monetise them online. The extra source of revenue can work wonders during tough moments.


This is a time to get creative and think outside of the box. When you do, your photography skills and business opportunities can scale new heights. Even with the difficulties posed by COVID-19 in mind, it is a very exciting time ahead. Capture it.

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