Start-up Kickstart Workshop.

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Felix Velarde and the team over at 2Y3X who run the Growth Accelerator Programme have launched a start-up kickstart workshop. It’s free and a really useful starting point for those who are launching a start-up.

Start-up Kickstart Workshop.

The business plateau is frustrating, stressful, and really hard to get past. The solution is to progressively reconfigure the way your business works. You will need to unlock your team, change the way your most talented people take responsibility, and develop new processes to drive scale.

As with any successful step-change, you need a systematic plan of action. The 2Y3X® programme has a consistent five-year track record of success. It lasts two years (hence the 2Y in 2Y3X). You will be guided by heavyweight leaders who have successfully scaled businesses. We have been in your shoes — and we are totally committed to your success.

Contact Felix at 2Y3X for more information here.

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