STOP! Don’t Go! How To Keep People On Your Website.

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Stop_SignPeople spend a lot of time and money on getting people to their website, and a little on how it feels to navigate around the site. But, more often than not, you have no idea why people aren’t having around. If you’ve been going through google, and keeping an eye on the user flow, then you will have a really firm grasp of where your sticking points are, and where it was wise to invest cash.

If you haven’t been attempting that, then you need to head to your Google webmaster dashboard and explore. They have plenty of tutorials to help you make sense of all of your dashboard and what different analytics means.

For this, we are going to look at lowering that bounce rate. A bounce rate is where a user finds your website and doesn’t navigate further and then leaves. As in, they bounce on to, and off of your page.

The WAIT moment

When people are intending to leave a website, they display certain behaviours. An exit-intent pop-up tracks how people are using the site. And through smart algorithms, will throw a pop-up on to the screen if someone is showing signs they might be able to leave.

You can use your pop-up to gather email address for your marketing, or you can use it to share a 10% off discount (encouraging them to head back and make a purchase).

Here are some suggestions:

Survey – as annoying as they can be, you can get a lot of useful information. Ask simply ‘why are you leaving?’ And give them realistic options. Found it cheaper elsewhere? Is pricing over their budget? Can’t find what you’re looking for? People often become a little more candid on the internet with that sense of anonymity, they’re likely to answer truthfully.

Discounts – These promotions should be irresistible. People on your website are already looking at your products and services. It is a bit of a gamble to throw up 10% discounts, but it will give them pause for thought. Popular ones right now are inputting your email address to ‘spin the wheel’ and see what discount or freebie you might get! Of course, if you do this make sure the links take them directly to the product or you’re going to lose them.

Contact Us – Exactly what it says on the tin. A space for people to get in touch with you. You can offer chat options during the hours you will be at your desk, and when you’re not, then have a really simple form ready instead. Include email, location, phone numbers, and your fax api option.

Subscriptions – this is a great way to keep building your marketing lists. They are interested enough to sign up, so could be considered qualified leads, and you can set them on the path of your pre-perfected email funnel. Send them the first coupon, and they might head straight back to your site to make a purchase.

Pop-ups are very annoying. But, they also work really well. Go through the analytics that you have access to, and you will find the exact places you need to optimise your website and the best place for your WAIT moment to happen.

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