Surprising Skills That Could Open Up Career Doors for You.

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When we think about career skills and what we can do to boost our collective resumes, we often think of regular skills like learning Excel or computer programming, but life does not have to be that dull if you don’t want it to. There are some surprising and surprisingly interesting, skills, which could see you start a new and unexpected career as soon as the ink is dry on your qualifications, as you will see below.

1. Drone Piloting: Because Flying Robots Are Cool

First up, have you ever heard of the Drone Qualifications Academy? If not, it might be something you should look into. Why? Not only is drone piloting insanely cool to say you can fly a robot, but it’s also a skill in high demand. From aerial photography to surveying land and even delivering packages (hello, future pizza delivery!), being a drone pilot makes you look like you just stepped out of a sci-fi movie. Plus, you get to wear cool sunglasses while doing it.

2. Beekeeping: The Buzzworthy Skill

Yes, beekeeping. It’s not just for sweet honey; it’s also great for networking. Imagine starting a conversation with, “So, I’m a beekeeper.” Instant attention grabber. Plus, you’re helping the environment and getting fresh honey. It’s a win-win unless you’re allergic to bees. Then, maybe skip this one.

3. Lockpicking: For Legal Purposes Only, Please

Before you raise an eyebrow, lockpicking can be a legitimate skill (no, we’re not suggesting anything illegal). It’s great for problem-solving and impressing your friends when they get locked out of their houses. Just make sure you clarify it’s for hobbyist purposes unless you want a different kind of career behind bars.

4. Yodeling: Echo Your Way to Success

Yodel-ay-hee-hoo! Okay, it might not land you a job at a Fortune 500 company, but yodelling is a unique skill that could open doors in music, entertainment, or even as a novelty act at local events. At the very least, it’s a great party trick.

5. Ferret Legging: Endurance Test or Party Trick?

This one’s a bit out there but stay with us. Ferret legging, the art of having ferrets in your pants and seeing how long you can last, is a real thing. While it might not land you a traditional job, it shows you have nerves of steel and an excellent pain threshold. Also, it’s a fantastic icebreaker.

6. Professional Cuddler: Snuggle Your Way to Success

In an age where human connection is at a premium, being a professional cuddler is a thing. It requires empathy, strong interpersonal skills, and the ability to not be weird about it. If you’re a hugger and like making people feel better, this could be your calling.

7. Cheese Sculpting: Who Needs Marble?

Move over, Michelangelo; cheese sculpting is where it’s at. This unique culinary art form can lead to opportunities in catering, events, or even becoming a social media sensation. Plus, you get to eat your mistakes.

8. Ghost Hunting: For the Paranormally Inclined

If you have an interest in the supernatural, ghost hunting could be more than just a hobby. With the rise in popularity of paranormal shows, this could lead to opportunities in entertainment or tourism. Just make sure you’re prepared for the occasional bump in the night.

As you can see, you really can have fun learning a quirky new skill or two and boost your career prospects into the bargain, so what’s stopping you?

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