Taking Advantage Of Lockdown For Your Business.

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At the moment, everyone is in a situation that we have not had to deal with before. The world is combating a global pandemic and that means that life has come to a standstill for a lot of people.

Your business potential as well. Working from home, not able to do the normal things that you would normally do, especially when it comes to sales. However, the lockdown period can be used to your advantage. Here are some of the ways you can improve your business during this time and make the most of it. 

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Time to update the content online 

Right now you may have more time than you would normally dedicate to your business, so it may be that you want to start looking at updating the content that you share online.

You could start with your website and optimising the content with keywords and working on your SEO could improve your chances of your website being seen right now and in the future. You could do this yourself, or an SEO consultant could help you do it. This is often a job on the list that doesn’t normally get prioritised, so take advantage of the time you do have. 

Diversify your business products and services

Another thing that you might need to think about is diversifying your business. You may not be able to conduct business as you would do normally, but you still need to ensure that your business stays afloat and continues to trade, as much as you can do in this current climate. So now is the time to diversify.

It could be offering up online content, maybe reaching out and offering new savings to encourage customers and clients. You may even want to change the direction of your business entirely. Think outside of the box.

Change your social media strategy 

Social media is where most people are spending their time at the moment, and that is because people are at home. So you could use this as a chance to step up your social media and make some changes for the better. Humanizing your business, starting different content, and making it more approachable. You also need to engage with your customers and clients by responding to comments and direct messages. This could really help you now but also for the future. 

Create a more flexible working approach

Finally, jagging a more flexible working approach can help you to continue to trade during this time. Using applications like Skype or Zoom, maybe even broadcasting things online instead of hosting a face to face class or meeting. If you have employees, now would be the time to be flexible with working from home and explore new ways to work and connect.

This gives you an opportunity to think differently, and because you have diversified communication, it may even open up more doors or cost savings for the future because of the utilisation of digital apps. 

You could also take part in the Great British Business Expo on November 18th and promote your business to a global audience.

Let’s hope these tips help your business to take advantage of lockdown.

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