The Online Like Minds “Lockdown Business Festival” April 20th – 24th.

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Join us for a whole week of online business advice and help from leading business experts around the globe.

Listen to our founder Drew Ellis talking to James Max, on his talkRadio Breakfast Show, about it all below:

talkRadio interview with Andrew “Drew” Ellis

From April 20 – 24th we’ve curated a week of online, business-focussed, Masterclass Sessions to help you transform your business. Led by some of the leading global practitioners in digital transformation, change management, business funding, and mental health to help SMEs and business owners cope with the impact that the lockdown has had on our businesses. And you can take part in it all from the comfort of your own home, where ever you are in the world.

If you need help to bring your business fully online, pivot from your current strategy or just be made aware of the tools, strategies, and methodologies that you should look to implement during the current situation we’re all facing, this week-long series of hourly events are for you.

You’ll join each session alongside a virtual table of ten attendees, including the Masterclass host. The sessions run every hour from 9am – 6pm, every day for a week so that everyone can juggle childcare and other family duties around the individual sessions.

There are a total of 30 sessions to choose from, that’s six sessions a day every day over the week, delivered by qualified business experts from across the world so click the link below to see what’s on offer and how they can help you manage your business through this period of uncertainty and towards a more positive, sustainable future.

Andrew Ellis – Founder

Tickets now available at the links below for participants priced at just £15+vat to take part in a table of ten or £10+vat to just watch all the sessions on a single day. If you just wish to watch a session – it’s free for the first 100 registrations – and there’s room for 100,000 attendees, so tell your friends and colleagues and let’s make this the biggest online business festival in history!

Monday, April 20th Book Monday’s Tickets Here.

Masterclass 1 – Richard Hillgrove on “DIY PR to Ensure Business Growth and Survival.”

Masterclass 2 – Rob Pendleton on “Generating Guaranteed Business Growth in the Post-Pandemic World.”

Masterclass 3 – Tiffany St James on “How to Run Online Workshops.”

Masterclass 4 – Jake Shaw on “How Podcasting Can Save Your Business.”

Masterclass 5 – Adam Graham on “Business Development Survival Skills.”

Masterclass 6 – John Harvey on “How to Gain the Most From a Networking Event.”

Tuesday, April 21st Book Tuesday’s Tickets Here.

Masterclass 1 – Dan Pritchard on “Marketing in the ‘New Normal’”

Masterclass 2 – Rachael Howourth on “Sales Approach in a Pandemic”

Masterclass 3 – Felix Velarde on “How to Accelerate Faster out of the Turn”

Masterclass 4 – Penny Power on “How to Build Resilience in the Face of Adversity”

Masterclass 5 – Zoltan Vass on “Why Trust & Communication is the Most Important Thing in Remote Working.”

Masterclass 6 – Allyson Stewart-Allen on “Lockdown Leadership: Guiding Remote Global Teams

Wednesday, April 22nd Book Wednesday’s Tickets Here.

Masterclass 1 – David Horne on on “Explaining the UK government’s Coronavirus support schemes for SME’s”

Masterclass 2 – Lesley Anderson on “How to Turbo Power Your LinkedIn”

Masterclass 3 – Robert Camp on “Social Media, the Genie is out of the Bottle. What Does That Mean for Lawyers”

Masterclass 4 – Thomas Nicolson & Emma Jefferson on “Claim Your R&D Tax Credits Now”

Masterclass 5 – Adam Greenwood on “What Can We Learn From Brands With Purpose?”

Masterclass 6 – Matthew Goddard on “Quick & Easy Business Banking For Small Businesses.”

Thursday, April 23rd Book Thursday’s Tickets Here.

Masterclass 1 – Vic Williams on “Change Management”

Masterclass 2 – Steve Rawling on “Lockdown Stories”

Masterclass 3 – Mel & Gary Ross on  “Virtual Leadership”

Masterclass 4 – Rob Pendleton on  “How to succeed as a Coach/Consultant Online in the post-pandemic world”

Masterclass 5 – Julia Langkraehr on “Get a Grip on Your Business”

Masterclass 6 – Thad Cox on “How to Bring Your Brand Alive Online”

Friday, April 24th Book Friday’s Tickets Here.

Masterclass 1 – Mike Turner on “From LinkedIn Leads To Facebook Feeds”

Masterclass 2 – Lesley Anderson on “Social Selling”

Masterclass 3 – Andrew Tapson on “Lockdown Finance Options”

Masterclass 4 – Jennifer Corcoran on “How to Connect With Success”

Masterclass 5 – Andy Clayton on “How to Lead Your Company Through COVID-19”

Masterclass 6 – Melissa Fretwell on “Why Every Business can tell Great Stories

If you would like to host a session at next month’s Lockdown Festival or sponsor your own “booth” please get in touch here.

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