The Value of Working with a Virtual Assistant.

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It’s fair to say that the value of hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) is becoming more and more apparent to businesses, particularly during 2020.

The necessity many businesses have faced in having to let staff go but still needing someone to do the work is obvious. Many VAs have gained new clients and grown their businesses during this time, simply because of the current need for reliable remote workers.

Ensuring a smooth operation

That being said, the VALUE of working with a VA has remained consistent. Business owners know that having a team of individuals, with expertise and experience in their own niche areas is vital for smooth operations, growth, and longevity. A VA is someone who can apply their knowledge and expertise across a multitude of clients, working on several projects for several businesses.

Most VAs are flexible with their time and their skillset, meaning you get great results when you need them. Businesses are realising that having someone in the office doesn’t always mean the job is done in either a timely fashion, or well.

You’d be forgiven for questioning whether those working an 8-hour day, truly do 8 hours of work. It’s highly unlikely. With a VA, you pay for their time spent on your projects, not time spent chatting with colleagues or otherwise.

A passion for your industry

VAs come armed with experience, knowledge, and ideas. Sure, if you want to find someone who will simply do what is asked, there are plenty of VAs who will willingly do so, however, you’d be missing out on some great collaborative opportunities.

When you find a VA who is not only suitable for the tasks that you need them to undertake but one who shares your business ethics and world view and has a passion for the industry you work in, you’ll benefit in so many ways. A VA can bring new ideas to the table, help you see things with fresh eyes, and make recommendations on processes, etc which will help you develop and evolve your business.

The time you spend as a business owner needs to be spent wisely. There are a huge number of time-consuming tasks necessary to running a business, but the more time you spend running your business, the less time you get to spend growing it. A VA can help with all the necessary evils like diary management, email management, administrative tasks, research etc.

And it doesn’t end there. VAs are often experts in one or more areas such as social media management, project management, writing, digital design, bookkeeping or website management.

Creating peace of mind

A VA will help you free up time to work on what you do best. With set deliverables and deadlines, you can leave your VA to it, distraction-free, knowing the work will be delivered on time and be of high quality. When it comes to ongoing projects and repetitive tasks, you’ll get peace of mind knowing these activities are being tackled elsewhere so your focus can remain on your clients or customers, and business growth.

A VA can help you with anything that you ‘shouldn’t’ be doing yourself, or anything that you ought not be doing alone. She or he is there to lean on and support your business operations.

The benefits of virtual working

Of course, one of the obvious benefits of having a VA is that you’re not restricted by location. VAs are comfortable working remotely whilst still managing to integrate themselves into your team (as much as you want them to). This also means you have access to a huge array of people to choose from.

And when it comes to finances, having a VA greatly reduces your operational costs. You no longer need to supply equipment or office space, plus you’re not responsible for additional taxes. A VA doesn’t receive employee benefits either, so overall they save costs.

An investment in freeing up your time

VAs truly strive to provide a quality service as it’s their business reputation on the line. A VA will always try to add value where they can, meaning you get more bang for your buck. Most VAs pride themselves on their reliability, flexibility, niche expertise yet broad skillset, delivering quality work, and being an asset to your business.

Hiring a VA is an investment as they allow you to free up time to focus on tasks of strategic importance to your business, giving you the peace of mind that the day-to-day running is being taken care of efficiently.

If you’d like to discuss any virtual assistance you might need please get in touch with me here.

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As a Virtual Assistant, I can support you and your business in a variety of ways. I work with a team of amazingly talented associates to provide you with a one-stop-shop. I have listed below a few examples of the types of tasks that we can help you with - although this is a small sample of the work we do with our clients. - Diary Management - Email Management - Conference & Event organisation - Sales progression & updating clients - Preparing and issuing invoices and quotations - Chasing outstanding/overdue payments - Research and data collection/data entry - Project management - Brochure and leaflet design - General office administration