Three Powerful Tech Advancements You Need For Your Business.

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Whether your company is an early-stage startup or a fully-fledged operation, it’s essential to keep up with trends in technology if you intend to remain viable in the modern economy.

Leveraging technological advancements not only helps you streamline your operation and boost your team’s productivity, but it announces to the market that your company is forward-looking.

If you’d like to stay up to date with the top tech trends, here are some of the most exciting innovations that big business is taking up in 2019.

Artificial Intelligence

Yes, robots. Many of the world’s top businesses are leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) products to reduce man-hours and streamline previously wasteful or time-consuming processes. AI offers massive possibilities for boosting efficiency by automating repetitive tasks and analyzing data to help with further improvements to business processes. Using AI in your business could free up your team for work that demands creativity and foresight, such as design and strategy. If you’re keen to get in on the AI action, the possibilities are endless. AI-powered products cover everything from Human Resources to admin, so you’re bound to find a solution for whatever pain-point you have in your business.

Improvements in Cybersecurity

If you haven’t taken steps towards securing both your business and user data, you’re not only being left behind by your peers, but you may be harming your business and failing in your responsibility to your customer.

Cybersecurity services like Penetration Testing and proactive network security monitoring will be the buzzwords of the future. These involve (among other highly sophisticated processes) gathering and analyzing indicators to assess whether your system is vulnerable to threat.

While Cybersecurity represents a massive area of growth in business tech, it is also a place where technology can’t be fully relied upon. Human error must be taken into account, especially when it comes to attacks such as phishing and Ransomware. Investing in employee training is an essential backup for whatever cybersecurity software and services you bring on board.

Blockchain Technology

If the word “blockchain” brings to mind only cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, you’re not wrong, but you’re a little behind on the trend. Lately, new possibilities for this futuristic technology are being discovered. Because of the hyper-secure nature of the technology, major industries such as Health Care and Agriculture have been fast on the uptake, enjoying the benefits of reduced friction and superior transparency. The decentralized processes also enhances trust. Blockchain technology is being adopted so fast in various other markets, and it is proving so efficient, that current predictions suggest global investment in blockchain technology will soar to over £50 billion in the next five years.

Whether or not you embrace it, the future has arrived. These top tech trends for the year are proof that unless you keep up, your business risks being left in the dust. Even if technology scares you a little, don’t be intimidated just because you don’t understand it. Rather do your homework and find out which recent advancements could help your business grow.

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