Time For a Big Clear Out? Here Are Some Tips for Decluttering.

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There’s something incredibly freeing about liberating some space in your home and moving on old possessions that you don’t use anymore. We all have a few boxes of miscellaneous objects that we rarely even look at, let alone use! So, if you are looking to get rid of some things sitting around collecting dust and maybe make a bit of money, continue reading.

Decide Where the Objects Are Going

There are many places that your old belongings could find a new home, so it is essential to avoid simply driving them to the tip if at all possible. The key here is to be organised and work out a system whereby you can sort your old possessions.

Consider whether the object could go to a charity shop to raise some money for a noble cause, whether it could be recycled, if you could sell it on an online marketplace or if it simply needs binning.

Being organised will help to make the entire decluttering process more straightforward and less overwhelming, so it is vital to consider these options before putting everything in bin bags.

Do You Have Somewhere to Store Items That Aren’t Headed to the Tip?

If you are planning on selling your belongings or moving them on to charity, it is a good idea to figure out a safe and dry place where you can store them in the meantime. Most charity shops in the UK were closed during the pandemic and now have many items to sell. This means that many aren’t accepting donations right now, especially for larger items. On top of this, some things can take weeks to sell online, so it is probably best to move these items out of the house if you want to declutter immediately.

If you have a garage or an attic, these could be viable storage options. However, if you’re strapped for space, you could rent a garage for extra storage space. Storage lockers come in many shapes and sizes to suit your needs and are an affordable means of removing surplus items from your house but keeping hold of them for selling or donating later.

You Don’t Need to Do It Alone

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the scale of the decluttering project ahead of you, it’s a good idea to enlist some willing helpers. A good clear-out is a divisive endeavour. Some people love it and even find the process somewhat meditative, whereas it is like pulling teeth for others.

If you identify with the latter group, then it’s almost essential to find someone who will motivate and help you during the process. Whether it’s your partner, friend, or family, finding someone who loves organising things and clearing out is a brilliant way of simplifying decluttering.

If you have kids, see if you can motivate them to help you out. While it might seem like a bit of a hindrance at times, especially when they are younger, getting them into the habit of organising and clearing out old possessions can pay dividends later.

Follow the One Year Rule

Hanging on to sentimental items and hoarding old rubbish might seem worlds apart, but you’d be surprised at how often we attach meaning to possessions we haven’t even used in years. If something has tremendous sentimental value or might be handy in the future, it is probably best to hang on to it.

On the other hand, if you’ve noticed something you haven’t even thought about in a year or more, it’s probably time to find it a new home.


Overall, if you feel snowed under with old possessions, it is probably time for a good declutter. You should approach this in an organised and methodical manner to maximise the benefits and ensure that your old objects end up in the right places. 

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