Top Green Gadgets to Grow Your Business.

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It’s proven that sustainable businesses are often more successful due to their social contribution and an increase in environmental awareness. Certified eco-friendly businesses also receive more financial benefits, so your green habits are fully-compensated. Save money on your bills too with these handy green gadgets that will help you reduce your energy consumption. Here are a few affordable products you should invest in this year. 

Bamboo and Plant Silk Lanyards

If you’re looking for an ecological way to use branding material, then these eco lanyards are perfect. They come in handy at the office as well and for any events and promotions. Made from sustainable materials such as bamboo fibre, plant silk, and even recycled bottles, they provide a green alternative to raw materials. They’ll look awesome when printed with your logo, click for more here.

Kikkerland Green Button

This cheap little device is exactly that, a green button which puts your computer to sleep when you walk away. The Kikkerland Green Button is an energy-saving device that makes sure your computer goes into hibernation without turning off what you’re working on. It glows green to remind you to press it and send your computer into a maximum energy-saver mode when you’re not using it. 

Solar Charger

The solar chargers at RAVPower are state-of-the-art technology but half the weight of other competitors. The 24W charger is portable, you can take it on business trips and conventions, or set it up locally in your shop. The most impressive feature is its iSmart technology which enables it to detect the best charging currents for your device.

With 3 USB ports, it can charge multiple devices at the same time. Remember that is only a charger so will not store up solar energy in the same way that an electric charger doesn’t store electricity. It’s pretty clever though!

Window Charger XD

With the added gimmick of sticky pads to attach to a window, there’s also the solar window charger range, able to charge your device by using solar energy. There’s no installation required and you simply affix it to your window where it can absorb the sunlight it needs to charge your phone.

It has a USB connection as well. It’s easy and simple to use, and lightweight, and portable. Take it wherever you go and set an example by using alternative energy resources to charge your phone. 

Ocean Coasters

Ocean Coasters are an environmentally friendly way to keep coffee stains off desks. Decorate your office space with more sustainable items. Each coaster is unique and there all made from plastic found in the ocean! Keep your employees thinking green every time they take a sip from a hot beverage. You’ll soon spread the mentality throughout the office. 

These little gadgets only help you take the first step to become an eco-friendly business. Develop your green branding by making a social contribution. Associate with non-profit organisations with an environmental cause. The good work you put in now will certainly pay off the future.

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