Top Reasons Why Businesses Should Invest In Email Security.

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Email security describes the protective measures you put in place to protect your business’s email account, day-to-day communication, and sensitive information from unauthorised and criminal access. Most attacks on organisations start with one malicious email, like a phishing email or cloud email. As much as you place confidence in built-in configurations or settings, they might not be enough to protect you from such attacks. According to reports, more than nine out of ten UK organisations were hacked with an email phishing attack in 2021. Are you thinking of investing in your company’s online security? Here are the top four reasons why you should consider email security. 

  1. Emails are your business’s greatest vulnerability 

Cybersecurity can be an afterthought for most businesses, especially small and medium-sized ones. Yet, with the rise of cybersecurity breaches, your security could be an easy target. Email attacks are a famous form of attack. A single click in your inbox could open your business up to several intrusions, putting your company in a dire position. Therefore, you should consider investing in extra protection from professionals. Experts such as Netwave IT Services offer protective services by blocking and deleting email threats.

  1. Financial losses

Elaborate scams can sometimes be subtle in the form of payment and promotional emails to dupe your business. In most cases, these emails will require you to fill out forms or answer questions that could compromise your financial security. You may lose a lot of money, and your company may be unable to survive the impact. You can avoid or at least minimise the incidence of such losses by training employees to detect emails and adopting email security solutions.

  1. You could lose your account 

Email takeovers can be one of your business’s most dangerous attacks during your daily operations. Securing your email ensures that this does not happen to you. Imagine the confidential business transaction information hackers would be privy to if they could breach your system. The reputation of your business could be put further in danger if hackers decide to start sending out sensitive information to clients or expose customer data. This situation could lead to a loss of confidence and several lawsuits or fines, which could be detrimental to your business. Also, you might be unable to recover all your important mail, which could have grave consequences. 

  1. Employee errors 

Work-related stress among employees can make them prone to negligence or mistakes. You cannot depend on them solely to safeguard your company’s email. Phishing is not the only form of cyberattack, as there are advanced threats like malware, ransomware, and keyloggers. As your business’s primary line of defence, training and educating your staff on security measures will keep you and your business safe. For instance, adequate training on spotting the signs of a phishing email will prevent them from clicking on a malicious link. 

Emails are an open gate to various online criminal activities. It’s best to prioritise your email security to reduce cyber risk within your company. Invest in all the resources needed for suitable protection, keeping in mind the above tips.

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