Top Tips To Identify Your Brand.

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Strong branding is important for any business. There are lots of tips out there for strengthening and how to protect your brand, but what if you don’t know what your branding should be? You need to start identifying what your branding should be and how best to present your company. 

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The best visual branding shares a consistent theme, and looks like part of a set when seen all together. Imagery, fonts, colors and tones should all work together.

What Is Brand Identity?

Brand identity is the look and feel of your company. Your name, design, logo and any marketing materials are all part of this. Your brand isn’t just visual things but is also about how your business makes people feel when they interact with it. Your brand is how your audience perceives your company.

What Is Brand Visual Identity?

Visual brand identity are the images that are associated with your business. This could include the logo, colors used, typography, the imagery used and the composition style of visuals you create. The visuals should match the overall feel of your brand.

Define Your Audience

Your branding should be designed to appeal to your audience, so first, you need to define who that is. You need to understand who your audience is to be able to best appeal to their needs and wants. Work out who your desired customer base is and make sure you’re talking to them with your branding.

To define your audience, take a look at your demographics. Find out the age, gender, job, income and education level of your average customer. Spend some time investigating their interests, lifestyle, and concerns. What problems do they need solving that you can help with? What other brands do they use that you can use for competitor research?

Find Your Why

When you know who your audience is, you need to turn your gaze inwards to your company. What does your business offer to customers and clients? The actual products and services you offer are part of this, but it’s also about how you provide those.

You need to know why you offer the products and services that you do. What are you hoping to change for your customers? Why do you want to do this and why is it important? What does your company stand for?

Find Your Personality

What kind of personality does your brand have? When you know why and who you’re talking to, the next step is how you’re saying it. Think about this in terms of an actual person. Imagine what sort of person would be a good reflection of your business.

How would that person look? How would they talk? Imagine your perfect spokesperson or brand ambassador. That’s the brand personality you should be aiming for. Use this to decide on the tone of social media, email and other communication with customers and clients. 

Strong branding can help customers remember your business, and choose you over other brands if they like what your company stands for.

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