Do You Use The Modern Strategies Of User Interaction?

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UXUI_Photo by David Travis on UnsplashJust like everything else around you, businesses will continue to evolve. However in the world of business evolution usually comes with a jetpack attached and can turn on and off whenever it likes. This jetpack symbolizes the consumer.

Whatever their needs are, they need to be met. This changes from time to time so the only way you can meet the new requirements is to innovate and use modern strategies. But, consumers are on the prowl and always searching for what business might meet these needs.

So it’s all well and good to have them but you need to shine brightly like a lighthouse toward in all the new consumers. User interaction is, therefore, an extremely important necessity as bridging this gap can only be done when you accommodate new ways of doing things that the customer wants. Keeping your finger on the pulse of pop culture is one way but you also need to figure out how you can set the standard that becomes the trend. Consider implementing these strategies into your business to increase your user interaction.

Having regular conversations

Thankfully many online newspapers and magazines have finally realized that they will get far more readers if they create a comment section. This is because the days of reading an article and merely discussing it with friends when you get the chance are long gone. Nowadays people want to leave behind their opinion on something they have read and consumed.

Translating this over to your business is quite straightforward. Whenever and wherever you write an article on your website, allow your user base to flock to it and comment away. This could be in the form of a blog post where you are setting out some objectives, talking about your motives, plans for the future or just quite possibly a simple update.

Your user interaction is likely to skyrocket as users will see an open comment forum in a number of ways. Firstly they’ll be able to leave behind their opinion on something that matters to them. They inadvertently give your free feedback also and this can be the constant stream which you may retrieve the general consensus from about any subject.

Users also get to communicate with other customers that might share some ideas or give each other solutions to problems. You also foster a real community as people can use your comment section as a way to hang out. Having regular conversations keeps consumers coming back to your website and or blog to share their thoughts on something new you release.

Adaptive access and mobility

People don’t want to have to sit down at their desktop to have access to their products and or services. Why should they? We all live busy lives so why can’t consumers have access to their accounts and more while they’re on the move? This is called adaptive access as different platforms can and should be used to house your business website on.

A modern business needs to have a really good mobile website as Google now actually favours mobile websites over desktop versions. However, it will increase your search results page rankings if you have different kinds of media on your smartphone version such as videos. A company like Rouge Media is someone you might want to contact as they have 13 years of experience doing just this sort of thing.

Carrying over the theme from your desktop website is, of course, crucial to continuity as consumers and customers that click on it while on their smartphones shouldn’t be confused or left in any doubt of what it is they are on. Having large tables and buttons for the smartphone version is vital also as you don’t want small icons which makes it difficult for users to move around freely and quickly.

Think of the mobile version as something that will be viewed from a top-down viewpoint, and therefore everything on the screen needs to be concise and only the most important things should take up the most space. A tap or pull down tab is great for hiding the different pages or categories for the website. This also saves room so you can have larger pictures and video players.

This is what modern user interaction is all about, being able to access your website at any time and on any platform. Navigating with ease thanks to the design that only focuses on the most important aspects of what your business is about. Allowing users to comment and show up to a post that’s just been released and share their honest opinions gives them a voice. It also stirs up regular conversations among the customers and thus you are able to gain free feedback.

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